Being French and then moving to the UK, my family always loved travelling. Although I am settled here in the UK, I have missed travelling, like never before.  I long for that feeling to walk down the aisle (no, not that kind!) and jet off to a new destination, to meet new people, to experience a new culture, to see spectacular sights. It is apparent that after living under restrictions for the majority of this year, people want to escape. Searching hopefully towards our freedom returning in 2021, what does the future look like for keen travellers. It fills me with delight to say that there is hope on the horizon!

Travelling New Year 2021 Travel Corridors

Travelling for those of us here in the UK

At present, here in the UK, we have a list of places which we can and cannot travel to. If a country has an R number (used to measure any disease’s ability to spread) below 1, then it is deemed safe to travel to this country. Former times of randomly pointing at a map and deciding that this will be your next destination are temporarily off-limits. At present, people are anxious about travelling. Holidays & flights are constantly being cancelled as the government updates its list.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Airlines including EasyJet have reported a surge in bookings. We’re now excited at the prospect to travel again! Although nothing is definite as of yet, thanks to the introduction of the vaccine, there is hope. The situation looks to be better folks, not worse. Travel companies are seeing the return of bookings to more traditional destinations, rather than those associated with visiting friends & family. For those of you longing to return to the Spanish sunshine, this may be possible by March 2021. After the majority of the vulnerable groups of the population have received the vaccine. Now, where did I put my flip-flops?

Fewer restrictions, more destinations

Within Europe, more destinations are welcoming the return of tourists. We save our money to spend in the destinations we travel to. They want us to spend our money there, so everybody’s happy! If you are searching for the most dependable destinations to travel to 2021, I have some recommendations.

Travelling New Year 2021 Travel Ideas

Mingle in Montenegro

If you are thinking of travelling to Montenegro, you may not need to wait until the new year. Countries which are listed on Montenegro’s ‘green’ list do not require any test to travel there, as it remains open for tourism. Those looking to explore a multicultural European spot filled with magnificent mountains, vibrant monasteries and rich in history, Montenegro is calling you. Montenegro is a notoriously expensive destination to travel to. Take advantage of the cheap flights available right now, which are at a bargain price compared to years previous. Grasp this opportunity and make this your ideal spot for 2021!

Travelling to Croatia

At the moment, you need to present a negative PCR test taken in the 48 hours prior to travelling here. Understandably, Croatia has taken the precautions necessary to protect themselves. Despite this fact, Croatia has always been so welcoming to tourism, allowing entry for most foreign travellers. This is evident in the people you meet there like the warm welcome you receive when you arrive at your small and family-run hotel. If you enjoy hiking then I recommend the Saucony Paklenica Trail. Providing you with a beautiful landscape overlooking Croatia’s promise land, filled with natural beauty.


After months of cabin fever, I think that 2021 should be the year to take that trip of a lifetime! Forget the mini breaks, we have gone long enough without travelling around this wonderful world of ours. So instead, book the trip that you were saving for the future & let us live in today, not tomorrow.