Slovenia is a beautiful fairytale country that is still not on many people’s bucket list – but should be! Slovenia has approximately 500 castles which is insane! Nature is stunning here with the green surroundings and the lakes where many castles are right in the middle of.  Some huge films have been made here, includingThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”.

Nature, lakes and beaches in Slovenia

First of all, if you haven’t seen Narnia, get to it already! It’s a beautiful story and I’m not surprised that a part of it was filmed in Slovenia. If you loved the movie and are planning a trip to Slovenia then visit Soca ( Soča ) Valley and the Cathedral Cove.  Cathedral Cove is incredible with its green waters where you can enjoy snorkeling and diving. The coastal walks will probably take your breath away a little, as it did with me!

Slovenia might not be as popular of a destination as Amsterdam for example, but it has just as much charm!

Soca Valley in Slovenia is, according to me, one of the most magical places on Earth. I do love my nature and I wouldn’t mind going back to this place. It’s perfect If you love nature, adventure and even tranquility. We tried zip lining over the canyons with a company called Soca Rafting. 40 km per hour gets your heart beating and the adrenaline pumping pretty fast, trust me!

Water rafting is also really popular here and I highly recommend it. The water’s emerald color is a sight you will remember for life, at least I know I will. At the end of July, there is the Soca Outdoor Festival with a paragliding contest which was so much fun to watch.

There is just so much to do here so if you’re an active person and you like doing a lot of things on your vacation, this is the spot in Europe to be next summer (fingers crossed). Bungee Jumping and skydiving are a rush too if you want to take it one step further!

The Castles and Fortresses

The next time I go to Slovenia I’m going to make it an “all castle trip”.  The plan is to travel from castle to castle and see magical places. I might not choose all 500 of them but at least 50 or so ? You’ll find amazing medieval castles and Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Here are a few castles I have visited and the ones I have my eye on:

  • The Bled Castle
  • Brdo Castle
  • Zuzemberk Castle
  • Celje Castle
  • Predjama Castle

You can’t Google Slovenia without getting the Bled Castle in the middle of the lake. It’s Slovenia’s landmark, standing on a cliff that is overlooking the lake. Absolutely stunning, especially during the night so try and time it for both a day and a night visit. Lake Bled, where the castle is located, was once a health resort, popular among the aristocrats.

If you decide to visit the Predajma Castle, make sure to include the Postojna Cave. Postojna Cave is one of Slovenia’s largest cave systems and is truly impressive. There are a lot of tours you can book, we arranged one with our hotel and it was great.

So 2021, let the summer adventures and travels begin!