One of the most interesting places I’ve visited is Georgia. It’s a beautiful country with plenty of things to see and do. Dramatic, picturesque, and eclectic all at the same time! And the food, absolutely incredible. 

It is still relatively undiscovered by tourists so here you’ll really experience the authentic Georgia. I love this aspect! Having the possibility to meet locals and connect with them is so precious.

Tbilisi the heart of Georgia

At first this amazing city can seem a little bit overwhelming and even chaotic but if you look closer you realise that it is actually not at all like that. Many of the neighbourhood still retain a village feel. 

It’s such a beautiful city with a lot of history and you can kind of feel all the things that have happened here. I can only imagine what the walls of the building would say if they could speak. 

It’s a great place to stroll around. The Old Town offers instagrammable corners on every narrow street and there are plenty of bohemian bars and cosy coffee shops to give your feet a rest for a little while. Walking next the beautiful river is also not to be missed.

Tbilisi has the perfect location in a valley between mountains so it really offers a spectacular view from almost every part of the city. 

Georgia, and especially Tbilisi, really is a great place to visit and so is Slovenia

Georgia is a beauiful country split between Europe and Asia. Here you can experince Tbilisi and stroll the streets of the old towna dn try delicious traditional dumplings or visit the wine region and learn more about the wine making process used in Georgia.

The food scene 

The food in Georgia is so comforting and so good. I ate so well during my time there and I don’t think there was not even one thing out of the things I tried that I didn’t like. You can expect quite a hearty diet in Georgia with a lot of meat and potatoes but everything is just so good and tastes homemade. I love that. 

Khachapuri is one of my favourite things to eat in Georgia. A cheese stuffed bread with a few varieties that often include eggs. Absolutely delicious and of course very filling as it is bread and cheese! 

My next tip on food that you shouldn’t miss is the traditional dumplings! They are typically stuffed with meat and spices. You can try them either boiled or steamed, they are delicious either way! If you are vegetarian you will find great options for you as well – mushroom and cheese are a couple of examples. 

A visit to the wine country 

I had no idea that Georgia was full of vineyards until I visited the country. So if you have a few extra days I’d definitely recommend you to get out of Tbilisi. A visit to the wine region is the perferct break. 

You’ll be amazed at the breathtaking scenery and if you are into wine you can visit a vineyard. The winemaking tradition dates back to a long time ago. The Georgians use a special technique for making the wine.

A great base for your wine country tour is the town Sighnaghi, a very charming town that is surrounded by a stone wall and has a beautiful watchtower. From here you can easily get around with the help of a tour guide and get a feel for this part of Georgia.