I offer a short visit to three countries in Eastern Europe. A trip that can be done in two weeks in which you can get to know three different countries. A true adventure! 

Hungary, first stop in the East! 

My first stop is Hungary, more specifically Budapest. It is a city divided in two thanks to the Danube. I can enjoy both a modern and historical side. As it was my first visit to the east of the continent, I stayed for five days.

It gave me the time to visit places such as the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, Vajdahunyad Castle or Hosök Square, among other things. The city has a particular charm, a lot of history and perfectly represents the spirit of the East. 

Budapest, Europe, East.

Take a break!

To enjoy a little rest in this city, I visited green areas, such as the large Margitsziget park, located in the middle of the Danube between Buda and Pest. I also enjoyed the thermal waters of a Thermal bath. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is highly recommended. 

Slovakia, my second stop in Eastern Europe

Bratislava, just four hours by bus from Budapest, was my second stop. It is true that it is much smaller, but do not be fooled, it also has great charm and can be visited in just three days. The most important place to see is the Castle, located on top of a hill. From it, you can enjoy an excellent view of Bratislava and Austria, and if it is a clear day, even Vienna and Hungary. A part of Eastern Europe at your feet! 

For all the cat lovers like me in eastern Europe! 

 Going up one of the alleys that go towards the Castle, you will find a small bar with a normal appearance, however, when you open it, you will enter the cat’s paradise: the Mackafe! A few partners have built this place to protect stray cats thanks to the participation of the customers who go for a coffee or a snack. The ideal place for cats lovers.

Austria, the golden East

My last stop is in the famous Vienna, where it took me almost a week to see everything. Thousands of things could be said about this city, however, I will only say that you should have patience, that the distances are long, you have to walk a lot and use comfortable shoes. It is undoubtedly the least representative city of the East.

There are numerous monuments, museums, and cathedrals to visit. In my opinion, the most beautiful one is the Schönbrunn Castle and its gardens. Immense! 


Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna, Europe, East.

Last tip to visit Eastern Europe

If you have time and courage for another getaway, take the train and in a few hours from Vienna, you can reach the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. A visit not suitable for young children, but necessary for our memory and our History.

Would you like to travel far away from home?

Eastern Europe is not far away, but it is a good choice if you want to start traveling. Otherwise, you can always travel far away from the East, even from home, and visit other places, it is up to you!  I will always be here to help you!