Cuba is one of the four biggest Caribbean islands, along with Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hispaniola.  Full of History, good food, and an amazing sense of happiness, your heart will be conquered. There is so much to see, but I tried to sum it up and keep only the most important. Of course, this list is non-exhaustive and I can not recommend enough spending there as much time as you can (keep in mind that the tourist limit visa is 30 days). You will need it!

La Havana, the capital of Cuba

La Havana is the vibrant heart of Cuba. In this city, you will find every class of inhabitants. People spend their day in the streets playing music, chatting, dancing… It is full of life. I remember above all their kindness. La Havana has many monuments to visit, such as the Capitol, cathedrals, castles, the Malecon, and la Plaza de la Revolución, a tribute to the Guevara.


Trinidad is a colourful and very alive little city. You can simply enjoy a stroll in the street looking for the cutest house, or do many more activities. I did a horse riding tour there, it was amazing! We rode for two hours through banana and tobacco plantations. Eventually, we reached a natural pool in the rock. There were cocktails, music, and incredible vibes!

You can also go to the beach, do a coffee tasting tour, or enjoy salsa in La Casa de La Música.

Varadero, paradisiacal beaches of Cuba

cuba beach

There are beautiful beaches all around Cuba. Even the ones of La Havana, although they are less wild. But the most beautiful are undoubtedly located in Varadero. A short 3-hours drive will take you there from the capital. T

hey are typical Caribbean beaches: crystal clear sea, sugar-white sand, palm trees… Enjoy your favourite cocktails in a beach bar and get the perfect tan! Varadero is full of resorts and all-inclusive hotels. Therefore, this is not a city I recommend if you’re looking for authentic Cuba. But you must stop at least a few days. If you’re on a budget trip, you can sleep in a Casa close to the beach.

Food and music

cuba music

Cuba has probably the best food in Central America. You will of course find the traditional rice and beans, but you can also eat pretty much everything you want. Seafood, meat, pizza… Everything is good quality and taste.

Prices are correct, although it can become a bit expensive in the centre of La Havana, for example. This is mainly because of the two currencies they are using. One is for locals (CUP) and the other for tourists (CUC). 1 CUC is the equivalent of 1 US dollar.

The Cuban salsa is a worldwide famous an art all alone: you can take dance lessons everywhere. Buskers are putting the streets in the fire with their songs and of course you have to visit La Casa de la Música everywhere you go!

To sum up, Cuba has definitely everything: breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and history, kind inhabitants, a good climate… It is very different from other travels I had done before. Also, their Spanish is easy to understand. It is the perfect place to disconnect from reality and forget your troubles. You have no excuses!

Have you ever been to Cuba? What was your favourite thing about your visit?