I became vegan two years ago: I watched the documentaries Cowspiracy and Earthlings after my friend’s recommendation. I’ve always loved animals but I never realized how bad were the conditions they were living in just for our pleasure. In my opinion, there’s a severe lack of education in this field. Luckily, we are starting to recognize animals as living beings, and their rights, consequently, are ameliorating. Nevertheless, you need to know a few things before starting to be sure not to make any mistake and cover all your needs. Below I’ll share my tips with you! 

Why go vegan

Nowadays, we have so many alternatives that there is no reason not to go vegan! For me, it is evidence and the only respectful diet of all lives. It’s also easier to eat healthily while traveling when you’re on a vegan diet. Plantbased food is usually easy to find and also easy to pack.

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For the animals

In the first place, we kill billions of animals each year just for the food industry, the fashion industry, or even hobbies. What I find revolting is not only the numbers but the conditions: 99% of them endure terrible pain. It is important not to make a difference between a dog and a cow, a cat and a pig: they all deserve to be loved!

For the planet

It is scientifically proven that a vegan diet reduces consequently your emission of pollution, as well as your water consumption. In my opinion, this is the best reason! We know that we have to change our way of living, and it can start with what we put in our fridge.

For your health

Countless studies have proven the benefits of a vegan diet for your body: lower risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or any kind of sickness. We know as well that cow milk is not made for us. Therefore, if well followed, it provides you with a general better digestive condition. Anyway, I love the plant-based drink so much! Hazelnut milk is my favorite!

A good vegan diet

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It is important to point out that vegans do not only eat salad! It is a rich diet but is important to keep a good supply of proteins. Among all, tofu, lentils, or peanuts are on my top list. Make sure also you get enough vitamin K (green vegetables). Women, more than men, are subject to iron deficiency: chickpeas, almonds, dried fruits are your best friends!

I usually take a good and rich breakfast to start the day with all the energy I need: I eat a banana with peanut butter, almonds, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Avocado toast also is a good option!

However, there is one nutrient you can not find in a vegan diet: vitamin b12. It is essential for you to take a supplement. Indeed, it contributes to the functioning of the nervous system. You can take a daily or weekly supplement.

To sum up, a vegan diet is rich and healthy. Nowadays, you can find all the information you need on the web, for example on the Vegan Society. If the transition interests you, I suggest you do it little by little. It’s good enough to start just reducing your meat or dairy consumption.

You can also try to eat organic and local food. You’ll feel way better: in your body, and in your head! Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any advice! I’ll be so happy to help.

What about you? Have you tried a vegan diet? If not, what is preventing you from doing it?