The beginning of the year doesn’t look much different from last year. And it makes it so hard to follow our routine.  This is why I decided to reschedule my time. So I started something I never tried before, and I wanted to share it with you. Sport at home.

Sport at home, my own organization

Sport at home organisation

Regarding the current situation, it was quite hard to keep going on with my sport routine. Now gyms are closed, it became harder. This is why I took the decision to start training on my own. That allows me to organize myself. I have to admit, it hadn’t been that easy, mostly at the beginning. Because sometimes, it can be really easy to find excuses and skip the training. So if I can give you a tip, make your fitness session a priority! No worries, after the first week, everything will seem much smoother.

Set my own program

Once I organized my time, I had to program my training sessions. It wasn’t possible for me to start without knowing what I had to do. First, I scheduled a program that fit my needs and my level.  Things like the list of exercises, the time it will last but also the material required will make your session more structured.  I recommend starting with a 40 minutes session, warm-up included. The second step will be to establish the space you will need during the session. I always take 6m² just to be sure I have enough space to move around. The last step is the most important. Prepare your training program. This will be the key to good training. No worries, you can easily find all kinds of training on the web. Be sure that your program is responding to your goals and needs.

What should be my sport at home session made of?

Sport at home session

When I first started, I wasn’t sure that I was doing the correct. So I asked a professional for some clues in order to structure properly my sessions. This is what he said: the first step has to be the warm-up. It has to be progressive in intensity. It usually lasts 8-12 minutes. The following step comes with the execution of the exercises. You have to respect the effort time but also the rest time. I use to work out with a succession of 2 exercises and take a 1.30min break. It works quite well for me. Remember that it’s important to work on the full body to make sure you are not forgetting any important part. Once you have finished, you will have to cool down. I use some stretching to do so.

My favorite session

Sport at home dumbells

As a conclusion to this article, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite training. Here we go!


– Warm up

1st block, 3 series : 10 push-ups + 12 squats + 30 seconds plank

2nd block, 3 series : 12 lunges (each leg) + 15 burpees + 20 abs crunches

3rd block, 3 series : 10 skippers + 20 jumping jacks + 10 lumbers extension

– Cooldown


However, do not forget that you must adapt the session to your needs. Do not hesitate to combine your new sport routine with a detox plan !