We always listen everywhere, be happy, don’t worry, everything is going to be better. But nobody says how. And it can be quite hard sometimes to find out the way to our happiness. However, I think I found mine. I recently started a new concept. I am practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness, what is it?

Mindfulness mindset

Mindfulness is a new concept used in order to develop your mind wellness. Often compared to meditation, it looks like this new approach takes something more. In fact, the keyword in this new practice is “acceptation”. We will develop the concept later. The idea here is to learn how to control your emotions through a learning process. The practisers distinguish two kinds of mindfulness. The one based on ancestral techniques and the other one a bit more modern. Both of them are taught and learned in order to enhance your capacity to live in perfect harmony with your present.

How did it help me?

Mindfulness relaxed

Obviously, mindfulness is aiming to help you. Once you are able to control your emotions and accept any situation you will pass by, your life will seem much easier. Today, I am able to control my anxiety and stress level, without avoiding a bad situation. Just because I learned how to focus on it. But it had given to me other advantages. For example, my ability to concentrate and focus effectively on a task increased amazingly. The fact that I only think about the pertinent information makes me more efficient when I have to act quickly. In few words, I feel much more comfortable with any task in any situation. But there is another point where mindfulness helped me. My sleeping! I can say that I am sleeping much better, and much more relaxed. What else could I ask ?!

So basically, I feel like I am in a virtuous circle, where what I am doing or feeling will have a positive impact on what is coming next. This is a sensation I didn’t felt for a long time.

How can you learn it?

Mindfulness meditation

If you got here, it’s because I think that you are starting to feel interested in the practice of mindfulness. To start practicing, you will have to follow seminaries given by professionals specialized in this field. Step by step, they will teach you how to analyze each feeling you can experiment with during your daily life. This step is important because you can’t control something that you don’t know. Once this first part is done, a word will sound constantly in your mind, “acceptation”. This is the second step, the hardest. You will have to accept the feeling, the emotion. Even bad or good.  Be OK with the moment. And to finish, when you finally have accepted the emotion, you can get to the last step. You can control this emotion and learn how to live with it.

No worries, it can seem difficult reading it, but the instructor I learned with made my experience smooth and enjoyable. The sessions I had lasted around 1.30 hours each, which is perfect to experiment with every sensation. During those lessons, you will learn new concepts as internal communication, mental imagery, and relaxation skills. New baggage you will be pleased to use in your daily life!

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