As I am sure you are well aware by now, most European countries are living under some form of restrictions placed by their Government due to Covid 19. Here in the UK, Boris Johnson has recently announced that restrictions will be eased from the 2nd December in certain parts of the country. This seems a little too late considering that at the moment, we are only permitted to purchase essential items. So amongst this pandemic, how can we really benefit from the offers which Black Friday brings?

Black Friday – but only for your fruit & veg

Some of you may have seen the hilarious video of the man in Whales who recently walked into a supermarket wearing only his boxers. The reason behind this stunt was because the current rules state that clothes are not considered as ‘essential’. In recent times, the press has issued articles about supermarkets removing ‘non-essential’ items from their shelves. The whole intention behind it is to discourage people from entering the store, unless it is to buy the necessary items such as food, etc.

In spite of the rationale behind this rule, I can’t help but wonder how businesses are going to suffer even further. In years gone by, Black Friday has always been a notoriously huge event. Crowds of people battled with security and other bargain hunters to get their hands on TVs, consoles, and all other kinds of gadgets. Last year, fights even erupted! Everyone wants to get hold of these incredible offers. Especially considering that Christmas is just around the corner. Why wait longer if you know that you can buy the product for half the price on Black Friday?

Friday 27 November – Save the date

The date is looming! Black Friday is approaching…except, houston we have a problem! In the UK, the high street is officially closed. For the first time ever, Black Friday will be held completely online.

Black Friday Online Christmas Offers


It’s not all bad news though. To entice customers, businesses have launched deals earlier to entice customers. I have already started to search for the best deals now. For the reason that if I wait, all of the top deals will be gone by the time Cyber Monday arrives. Get the upper hand and make your purchases early! Already, I have seen astounding deals including £200 off the iPhone 11. These deals are unlikely to be reduced further on Black Friday. In 2020, this event no longer consists of just one day.  It’s a whole week of offers, reductions, and opportunities to spend your hard-earned cash.

Speaking of great deals, if you want an absolute steal, remember the exciting Gift Box  I told you about before where you can claim a free gift box of 5 cosmetic products. Honest Kiss has now introduced an amazing Black Friday Gift Box including free Nars, Lancôme, Givenchy & L’Occitane products. If you haven’t already taken advantage of their trial offer since my last post, head over to their website and take a look!

The best Black Friday offers available

As you all well know by now, I am passionate about staying fit and healthy. For those of you like myself, who like to knock spots off your latest step count, Argos has reduced the price of the FitBit Charge 4 from £129.99 to £99.99. A great saving to go into the new year fighting fit.

FitBit Fitness Healthy Lifestyle Walking

Whilst we are still in lockdown, why not try some baking? I love to create new recipes with my stand mixer. This piece pays for itself. As on the Great British Bake Off, you can be just like Mary Berry. Rustling up some delicious cakes this Christmas. BBC GoodFood highlights some of the best mixers available on the market. Stand mixers are infamously expensive. This article highlights which brand to invest your money in, depending on factors such as capacity, versatility, and most importantly, value for money. Check out which ones they recommend, and track down those offering a Black Friday discount.

During my latest trip to Georgia, it became apparent that I needed to invest in some new suitcases. However, being the penny pincher that I am, until the wheels literally fall off the thing, I will not buy another. Having said that, Samsonite’s exclusive Black Friday sale has introduced up to 70% discount off their FLUX collection. With a trusted brand like Samsonite, I can be sure that this will not simply be a purchase but more of an investment. Accompanying me on the many adventures to come. Keep checking my blog to see which destination I head to next!