As a full-time traveller, it can be harsh to keep stylish. I love fashion, and I won’t give up on it. Through time, I have found ways to be ready for every fashion occasion while avoiding overpacking. Whereas you’re going for a 2 days hike in India, a photoshoot on the beach or on a date in the Maldives, I will show you how to do! The key is to take only the essential. I now only travel with a 50L backpack. Indeed, it is much more practical. You have to think that you will be constantly moving and transporting your bag everywhere. 

What to load in your backpack

Of course, you can travel with a suitcase (or two!), but I would undeniably rather travel with a backpack for the practical side. It is important that it doesn’t exceed 10% of your body weight. I hear from all the travellers I meet how many troubles they have while packing.

What is essential, what is not? I have some experience in the matter and I will share with you my tips relative to outfits to be ready for every fashion occasion. You can also read my articles about what cosmetics to pack. Indeed, I live full-time with just one backpack as my wardrobe!

Ready for every fashion occasion:  clothes

ready for every fashion ocasion

Who doesn’t pack 3 cute dresses and jumpsuits for a simple weekend gateway? “You never know” is probably the phrase I was using the most until I severely injured my back. I am now very careful regarding my luggage.

Hence, here is what I always take with me to be ready for every fashion occasion:

  • A long jumpsuit: for a romantic date, a city break, chilly nights… This is completely a multi-purpose item! You can take as well a short one, I just haven’t found the right one yet!
  • Two dresses: a fancy one, the other for the beach. Make it match your bikini!
  • Shorts and skirts: for the beach, for exercise, a city getaway… Of course not if you’re visiting Iceland or Finland in winter!
  • A warm jacket and a long blouse
  • 2 Leggings: as the jumpsuit, it is a multi-purpose item
  • 5 tops: I pick and mix!

Ready for every fashion occasion: accessories

  • Shoes: a pair of flip-flops, a pair of comfortable trainers and my favourite black heels
  • Handbag: my favourite for a date is a small black case! Black goes with everything. I also take one to go on a hike as well, about 20L size.
  • Hair accessory: I like wearing a flower, and glittery gold straps in my hair. Of course, do not forget hair ties!

You understand: with experience, it is so easy to pack. Just take good habits from the beginning and it will soon become a game! I even happen to enjoy it, and I am really happy every time I come back and find clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. Also, black is your best friend!

What about you? Do you have trouble packing? What is the hardest part?