I recently discovered the incredible offers Raging Stars put up for sale to its exclusive members. And of course, I want to share it with you ! You know me well by now and you know my taste for fashion and beauty. Raging Stars meets all the criteria of a good fashion website. With its unique concept, you are sure to fall in love ! I explain you in this article all the advantage and bonus points. You can then make your own opinion, but believe me, you will love it too in a minute! 

What is Raging Stars?

Raging Stars is a shopping website, unique of its kind. First, you can find a multitude of fashion items for men, women, kids: everything from top to bottom, underwear and jackets included. But they also sell accessories such as sunglasses, watches or even jewels. And they have the best collection of shoes in the market ! It is easy to find your favourite perfume, and cosmetics. I think you understood by now: on Raging Stars, you can find any article related to fashion and cosmetics, with loads of beauty products of quality.

What I love about it is that there are as many luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Gucci, but also more accessible ones such as Levis, Adidas and one of my favourite: Desigual. All of them benefits from incredible discounts, the kind you won’t see anywhere else. Up to 70% ! It is incredible and this is the only place where I’ve bought an Emporio Armani handbag !

An easy and intuitive concept

The concept is new, and we have to congratulate the genius who had the idea. Indeed, there are already a lot of monthly box offers on the market. You pay every month a certain amount and receive a box at home. It can be cosmetics, food, clothes, candles… The problem is that they get quite redundant  and always contain the same thing, so it can be a bit boring. The difference here is that Raging Stars doesn’t sell a monthly box but a monthly gift card. You can then buy whatever you want from the big selection they offer. I really like it because I never need make up or underwear every month. I can just make my own choice and this is what makes the difference.

How to become a member?

Nothing is easier. Just go to their website and click on their subscription link. It’s a very simple process, they ask you a few personal information but it all goes really quickly.  You can also do it from Facebook. Indeed, they use this social network a lot to promote their advertisement. You will probably see one pop up on your feed and you just have to click on it.

The welcome gift box

Raging Stars Gift Box

The first big surprise comes straight after your subscription. Hear me well: when you become a new member, you have the opportunity to receive a free gift box! Only the shipping fees are yours to pay, which is kind of fair, isn’t it? The process can be a bit long for non-technology people, but still very simple. If you have a doubt, you can contact their customer service team, and they will help you a lot. They always answer very quickly.

So, back to our sheep. You first select the box you want. You can select one already made or even completely personalize it yourself. From clothes to board games to barbecue sets, there is for every taste and every age. When it’s done and confirmed,  you will receive a text message (SMS) within 24h with a link and your gift code. You have to click on this link and so begins the activation process of the gift card. Just follow the indications ! When everything is done and you have downloaded all the documents they need, they will activate your gift card. You will receive an email of confirmation and you just have to finally order the gift box on their website, and pay the shipping fees.

The delivery of the box

I received mine not even 1 week after I ordered it. It all went so fast, and I really appreciated it. The box was well closed and came to my house. I was expecting to receive only samples of the beauty products I chose, from the famous La Roche Pausay. But no, they were full size (an average of 500mL for each one of them).  Wow !  Everything was perfect and I’m really happy with this gift box. I still have some left and I use it every day.  They are of such a good quality, I love this brand. I never had the chance to buy it before but when I saw the offer I could finally try it !

Your membership

The debits take place every month on the 6th day. I like the fact that it is automatic, so you don’t forget it. The same day, you receive an email with your monthly gift card which is immediately available. Make sure to check your spam because the first time this is where I found mine. You will need the code. One amazing detail to know: your gift card code does not expire! Indeed, you can use it ANYTIME. No obligation to order every month if you’re not keen! Even when you stop your membership, your codes are still active. Your family or friends can use them as well. Will you spend them monthly or save them up ?

It is really easy to unsubscribe from the website. You can do it emailing the customer service team or directly on the website, at anytime. It just takes one second and you will not have any further debits. Just write your personal data and click unsubscribe.

What can you buy on Raging Stars?

Like I said before, you can find almost anything a fashion lover dream about on their website. The membership and the gift card give you access to their best deals: indeed, their exclusive discounts can be purchased only with a gift code. This is why it is so interesting ! Among them, the best luxury brands and items. Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Versace … At an incredible price. You will love their selection and will be so pleased shopping those amazing articles at such a small price. It’s a real bargain.

Personal Services

Raging Stars

You don’t feel like shopping this month ? You already have enough clothes and beauty products (is this ever possible ? Even shoes ?) ? No problem. Raging Stars gives you the opportunity to transform your body! I mean, literally! Hire their fabulous team of personal trailer to get fit, lose some extras pounds or just feel better in your body. They will send you a tailored diet plan and training program for a month. They are very professional and all is very detailed and made so you don’t hurt yourself. Commit yourself to the plan and you’ll eventually see the best improvements ! It is much easier to follow in my opinion than tutorials on youtube for example, like I tried during the lockdown. I prefer something more personal.

If you like working out, check out my articles about my at home routine here!

Feeling blue about your job ? What is better than a complete change of your wardrobe ! Their personal stylist will help you. You need first to fill up a questionary with your size and tastes, and also explaining what you want to achieve (looking fab for a wedding? Business meeting ? Or you need help  to find your everyday look ?). Their advices are very precise and top fashion. You can tell them how much you want to spend, and they will carefully take it in consideration.


On exclusivity on Raging Stars: spend your monthly gift card on the best entertainment services ! Download your favourites songs, movies and books on Spotify, Netflix or Kindle. And more ! It’s perfect when you are travelling for example. And you can stop it whenever you want ! Try them out and find your favourite platform, discover new artists and listen to interesting podcasts.

My general feelings about Raging Stars

I think you got my point: try it and try it again ! My experience is so positive and I can not recommend it enough for all fashion lovers and make up fans. I emphasize the fact that you can unsubscribe whenever you want to so no worry! You can buy all your favourites items, discover new brands and products, different every month. The concept is great,  and there’s no obligation to buy anything. Only advantages for you. Share it with your friends and family so everyone can benefits form their gift box.