Do you know Mad Feelings? Their ad recently popped up on my Facebook feed with a very interesting and intriguing offer. One that you can not miss! Mad Feelings is for all the fashion and beauty lovers, for people like me who always want to look good. Here is why this website blew my mind and all its advantages: trust me, it worth it and you won’t be disappointed. Read my article and give it a go!

An innovative concept on the market

Mad Feelings has a very simple and intuitive concept to offer. Come into their magical world! You will find the best offers in terms of fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. All you have to do is to become a member of their exclusive club. You can subscribe easily through their ad or directly on their website.

And here comes the first big surprise: as a welcome gift, you will receive a text message with your first gift card. With this gift card, you have access to their welcome gift box! The offer is free (you only have to pay the shipping fees, fair enough). It is amazing!

You then receive an email with your monthly gift card on the 6th day of every month. Keep the gift code safely: you’ll need it to do your shopping! You have to use it on their website. It is full of renowned brand articles and luxury items, as well as casual outfits. You will as well find beauty products, accessories, books, personal service.

All the prices are very attractive and a great discount. Furthermore, you can stop the membership at any time, free of charge. But trust me: you will not want to lose this opportunity and to resign your membership! Just do your normal shopping and when you check out, you will find a case for the gift code, just before processing the payment.

No expiration date!

In addition, you can use the monthly gift cards whenever you want because they do not expire. You can for example save them all (will you be able to?) and use them exclusively for your Christmas shopping? Or for a present for Mother’s Day? I for example ordered a cute little outfit for my niece’s birth.

In my opinion, the best advantage of this kind of membership is the discovery of new brands. You can try new products every month. Of course, you can order from famous brands, which by the way would be too expensive without the discount they offer. But it is also great to try out less famous brands, for example, organic and vegan? They deserve it as much!

The very appreciated eco-friendly aspect of Mad Feelings

Mad Feelings Fashion

You already know me for a while. And you know how important the protection of the environment is for me. This is something everybody should be concerned about. The fashion industry has unfortunately a lot to do and change in the fight for a better world. The chemicals they use, the conditions of the employees in some countries…Every little step should be encouraged.

This is why I like Mad Feelings so much and their brand-new concept. You have the opportunity to give to the charity of your choice the clothes you bought on their website. You just need to be a member for at least six months and keep the clothes for six months as well. It is an amazing way to reduce your ecological print and prevent the too famous system of the fast fashion industry.

And the best is yet to come: for each donation, you receive a new gift card! You just need to provide the website with proof and the price of the items you give. They will send you a new gift card of the same value! You heard it well. For me the idea is incredible and if all the shops would do the same, the planet would feel so much better.

All the services you can benefit from with your gift card

I can understand that you don’t want to spend all your gift card on fashion and beauty products (or can I ?). But on Mad Feelings, you can also benefit from different services. You can spend your gift card on music, streaming, podcasts. As well as magazines and the most famous international newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, Le Monde… Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, or HBO are also available.

You know how much I love Netflix and with Mad Feelings you can subscribe for one month, to see if you like it or not. And you do not have to pay a monthly subscription if it turns out that you don’t like it. Also, I can’t travel without my music and can download my favorites artists from Spotify! This is a thriving idea.

Apart from entertainment, you can spend your gift card on a healthy option. Indeed, you can hire a personal trainer for a month! He will give you a tailored training program and diet. Whereas you’re looking for a lean body, to lose a few pounds or just keep fit, this is the best plan. Do not hesitate to contact those professionals!

Or maybe you’re more focused on changing your wardrobe or need some help with styling? You can use your gift card for a consultation with a personal stylist! Who doesn’t need some advice and tips on styling or upgrading your wardrobe? 

Or maybe you prefer to look glamorous for your next romantic date or a smart look for your important professional meeting next week? Hire a Personal Stylist at Mad Feelings, and she will give you the best advice, and find the best prices on all their selection of articles.

What about the welcome gift box?

As I told you before, when you subscribe to the club, you get the chance to receive a free gift box as a welcome gift. And I was not disappointed at all! You can choose from a large selection of gift boxes already made or even personalized yours from scratch.  It can be cosmetics, but also baby products, board games, accessories for the beach…

There’s no limit to their imagination, just choose your favorites and what you need the most at the moment! Also, the products you receive are not just samples but full-sized. The box was well organized and pretty. It was very appreciated! I received it in a few business days only.

As you might already know,  I am a VERY impatient girl, so I was in heaven the day I received it. I was not expecting it before at least two weeks!

What can you buy on Mad Feelings? 


The selection of products available on Mad Feelings is very large. Indeed, you can find typical clothes for men and women. But also jewelry, perfumes, and accessories such as sunglasses and watches. I love their selection of shoes! I bought from them trainers, heels and even flip-flops… They are the shoes I am using every day.

And still a very interesting price! Lately, they also have added a selection of books on topics such as healthy recipes, or fashion. There are a lot of biographies available about fashion icons. So interesting!

The customer support service

Let’all agree on this: good customer service is essential. I have contacted theirs, more for curiosity than necessity (everything is well explained everywhere on their website). Surprisingly, they answered me within 5 minutes every single time. They gave me all the information.

The explanations were very clear, and the woman I was talking to was very nice and polite. They are although only available on their email address. I think that this way, they have immediate access to all your data. It did not bother me at all and all went smooth and nice!

My general review of Mad Feelings

To sum up, Mad Feelings has conquered my heart. This is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most interesting websites right now in the market with this kind of offer. There are more, actually a lot nowadays, but in my opinion, Mad Feelings is much better for all the reasons above. All the little things make a huge difference compared to the concurrence.

My experience was as you would expect very positive. I recommend it to everyone who is keen on spending this amount on a membership. In the end, you really save a lot of money and who doesn’t want a few extra quid to grab a drink with friends! You can read all their conditions when you subscribe, everything is clear and nothing is hidden.

I’m planning on using my clothes for a little while longer, before giving them to a charity I like. The quality is still perfect, and I am sure it can last at least ten more years! Once again, the customer support team was amazing and accompanies you every step of your order.

So are you going to check it out? Tell me more about your own experience!