I am going to tell you all about HonestKiss! It’s a genius website that offers several items from top brands at reduced prices, as well as personalized services. I have tested it in order to make a review for you, and here are my opinions on this new webshop. 

HonestKiss – What is it?

The general concept of the webshop is to allow you to shop both freely without a membership, but also allow you to become a member of the club and get even more exclusive offers. As a member, you’ll have a monthly subscription, and receive gift cards each month. The subscription is non-binding. Each month you’ll receive a gift card code by email, the amount of which corresponds to the value of your subscription. HonestKiss offers great products at a huge discount. And these are really good brands. In addition, when you register for the club you can benefit from a welcome gift box that allows you to discover the products of your choice. 

On the HonestKiss website, you’ll find products within beauty, fashion, makeup, skincare, and accessories (all for both men and women). In addition, you can benefit from personalized services! The club offers several things that are accessible to everyone and that is why it can appeal to a large number of people. As you all know I really enjoy all of these things – and I’ve previously shared a recipe for Oriental wax if that’s something that can interest you. 

My beauty bag

How does it work?

The advantage of the club is that it is easy to use and allows you to enjoy multiple services at the same time. I’ll explain how to proceed to get started on the HonestKiss adventure, and how to take advantage of the many benefits and services available to you.

To get started, you need to register on the HonestKiss website. Go to the menu to enter your personal information using the small form. Following this, you will receive an email from HonestKiss. This email contains your gift card with a code that will allow you to make your purchases on the site. You will have access to products at reduced prices that you’ll find in the category of exclusive offers. Thanks to this gift card you will be able to do your shopping from home!

Then you’ll be able to choose the items you like and add them to your shopping cart. When you go to validate your purchases, you will find a box reserved for your gift card. In it, you just need to write down your HonestKiss gift card code to get your price reduction.

Finally, your order will be delivered within 7-10 working days. It’s not bad! 

Why choose HonestKiss?

The HonestKiss Club offers many advantages and allows you to save money but still get a hold of great products! You can improve your shopping budget with your gift card. You can also share your gift cards with friends and family. It’s also a good idea to use the gift card for gifts. You can get a great gift that no-one would expect at a price you can actually afford. 

Gift Box by HonestKiss

The Gift Boxes

When you register, you can receive a welcome gift box that allows you to discover the products of your choice. In fact, you receive a gift card code by SMS that you need to activate before you can use it on the website. All information is shown in the SMS, and you just need to follow the steps. Very easy! Once your gift card has been activated, you can redeem it by choosing the welcome package of your choice on the HonestKiss website.

The gift boxes are free (excluding delivery costs) and there is a wide range of boxes to ensure that everyone will find something that’s appealing. The boxes are composed of 5 products that you choose according to your preferences. By subscribing to the Club you also have access to all the products at reduced prices. You can get up to 70% discount on the products in the HonestKiss webshop! Crazy right? 

If you wish to unsubscribe, all you have to do is contact customer service by email to request the termination of your subscription which is non-binding. The customer service is friendly and helpful, and when I reached out to them with a couple of questions they got back to me on the same day. That’s something I really can appreciate. 

The Exclusive products of HonestKiss

On the HonestKiss website, you will find different categories that allow you to find products easily and to navigate without getting lost. The club offers products both for men and women in the following categories: fashion items, accessories, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and even sunglasses. In addition, you’ll find makeup and skincare products on their website. They have a personal trainer service and also a personal stylist. I haven’t tried any of those, but I could imagine using the personal stylist for a special occasion. 

You can get a personal stylist at HonestKiss

Contacting their customer service

As we explained above, the HonestKiss customer service is quick to reply by email. I got informed that they are open from Monday to Friday, and that makes sense to me.  

I have contacted them by email for more information a couple of times actually, and they responded to us very quickly and positively! Their answers are complete and clear. They also helped me with the tracking of my package, so I was not disappointed! 

HonestKiss – Something for you too?

Are you also interested in trying out HonestKiss? I am curious to know if you already have tried the concept… If you have already ordered? If you have tested a gift box, please let me know your thoughts and if you were happy. I always love to hear the experience of others. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d advise you to check it out.