As a big fan of cosmetics and beauty products, I know the trouble when it comes to packing. At home, my bathroom used to be full. Between the makeup, the skincare, haircare, and much more. I had to make a very tough choice when I left. But reducing the number of products does not mean giving up your beauty routine. You just need to adapt and take only what you need! Here is my list of items that never leave my side.

First, I always suggest writing a checklist to be sure you are not forgetting anything. This is not only the case for cosmetics and beauty products but for packing in general. You can find lists on the web to give you an idea.

I remind you as well that in the case you’re travelling by plane, you can not have liquids over 100ml in your carry on luggage. You can buy empty 100ml and fill them up with your liquid. If you check your suitcase or if you buy something at the airport, then this restriction does not apply. It is easy to find travel-sized toiletries.

Cosmetics and Beauty products

In a matter of makeup, I used to have ten different colours of every kind. On a daily basis, I know only keep my favourite. Of course, I do not go anywhere with mascara on. This is my item number one! I also always have my favourite lipstick with me (a deep matte red).

It matches with every outfit and pretty much every colour, as well as a black eye-liner. I wear blush every day, and I prefer powder than cream. In my opinion, it is easier to travel with.

You can make your own solid deodorant (check out my recipe!) or buy one. The small jar lasts months, it’s natural and eco-friendly! In the same idea, I always travel with dry shampoo. it can be hard to wash your hair, the water is not always hot in hostels, nor the showers always clean… No problem: spray your hair with the dry shampoo and you’ll look like getting out of the shower! On a purely ecological point of view, this is also huge save of water.


Cosmetics and beauty products travel pack

A folding hairbrush is essential. I’ve got one that fits in my handbag, so I always have it with me. You can also find microfibre small towel for your hair; I use it every time I wash it! They dry so quickly, and they come in every colour. Do not forget a razor. It is easy to use it under the shower,

It can be hard to pack only the essential but with a bit of practice, you will become an expert like me! If you forget something, remember you can always buy it in the airport or a supermarket. A lot of places produce artisanal cosmetics and beauty products made with local resources. As an example, there is the Savon de Marseille in France, which I love. It is so soft for your skin!

What about you? What are your essentials items while travelling? Is it hard to pack?