Christmas jumper day is an annual event where people wear a festive Christmas jumper to work, school, etc, during one day of the year. This may seem like a strange concept for those of you residing in other countries but here in the UK, it is a big event. Shops stock up their supply of Christmas jumpers in preparation for this day, falling this year on the 11th of December. There is however a very good cause behind it. You yourself, or a family member, donate £2 to the Save the Children charity. The money raised is then donated to children in need all across the world.

Christmas Jumper Day Charity Help

Buy a cheap Christmas jumper and offer your money to a better cause

If you have misplaced your last Christmas jumper which is probably lying in storage somewhere, then please don’t spend a lot of your money on a new top-notch jumper. A much better idea is to donate this money to the charity and instead look for a cheap jumper that can be altered if required (I will tell you more about this later).

As I mentioned before “A tiny gesture can go a long way”. This is your way to help an association in need.

Firstly, I recommend browsing your local charity, or second-hand shop. Here you will be sure to find a bargain at a snippet of the prices available on the high street. Failing that, I’ve sought some of the cheapest Christmas jumpers available online based on the most important aspect of price.

On our trusted favourites eBay & Amazon, you can pick up a second-hand Christmas jumper from as little as £0.01! All you will need to pay is the postage. Wowcher finds deals available on the web. If you become a member, you will benefit from these daily offers. Create alerts for any offers relating to Christmas jumpers, and you may find a real bargain!

Christmas Jumper Day Upcycle

Upcycle an old jumper – get crafty

The whole meaning behind this date is charity. So instead of buying a new jumper, why not upcycle one of your old ones lying in your wardrobe. The charity itself provides some affordable means of how you can do this.

One of the ways they suggest is by knitting your own Christmas jumper. This may seem like a hobby only your grandma partakes in but this year with most of us having more free time at home, why not make the most of this time and engage in a new hobby. It doesn’t have to be knitting. If you or someone you know owns a sewing machine then grab some old fabrics together and start making your own unique creation. I recommend using materials made from natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and linen. This will create a much more breathable material and will always wear well over time.

Last year over 4 million people in the UK took part in Christmas jumper day. A cheerful way of raising money for a worthy cause. Anybody can take part and donate. So embrace your creative side and design your own original Christmas jumper. One of a kind, just like you!