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48 hours in Brighton: the must-sees!

Brighton is the ideal destination for a city break. Part of the seaside city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England, it is easily accessible by train, plane, ferry or even car. It is a popular destination for expats from the whole world and English citizens who want to avoid the cost of living in London. Among the best attractions, there is the beach, monuments, the night-life, loads of alternative shops and restaurants and particularly sunny weather. Here are our must-sees if you happen to spend 2 days or more in this beautiful city!

Why is Brighton so special?

The best word to describe Brighton is probably “quirky”. The city is charming and unique in its own way. Not only the architecture, but it is also, above everything, the inhabitants who make this place so special. Very open-minded, a lot of expats and artists live there. It is also the gay capital of the UK. Every year, in August, thousands of visitors come from all around the country to enjoy the Pride. It is usual to see people with odd clothes, hair color, or even gait. Indeed, Brighton is a dynamic multi-language ethical mix, famous for its artistic atmosphere. So, you won’t be bored! There is always a festival or an exhibition to visit, or music to listen to in the streets or the pubs. Cinemas, theatres, countless museums, and big event venues…

Brighton is also very green: the protection of the environment is an important matter, and it is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

What are the must-sees?

North Laine

North Laine in Brighton

In the heart of the city, North Laine is without the shadow of a doubt the most alternative part of Brighton. You will find loads of quirky independent shops, vegan cafés, and restaurants, second-hand vintage shops, vinyl collections… The oldest pub in the city is there, the King and Queen. Established in 1779, besides its unique decoration, it is the best place for a cold beer, a nice British meal, and a football game!

Brighton Beach and the Pier

Brighton Pier

The pebble beach is endless and full of people from the first sunshine rays in spring! The Marina, on the eastern extremity of the city, is a nice place to watch the boats and have lunch or a bowling game. On the other extremity, you’ll find the lagoon, with watersports such as kitesurf and canoe. Right in the middle is the Pier. Open almost 24/365 (unless the weather is terrible and the access is dangerous), it is a family or friends’ meeting point to play some fairground games or enjoy sunbathing.

Royal Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion monument

The Royal Pavilion is a very unusual monument to observe in a modern city like Brighton. Indeed, it is an Indo-Chinese architecture monument, built in 1787 as a seaside retreat for king Henry IV. You can visit the inside or just gaze around the lawns to enjoy the spectacular view.

There is too much about Brighton for just one blog article. The best is obviously for you to go and see by yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Travelling during the optimistic new year of 2021

Being French and then moving to the UK, my family always loved travelling. Although I am settled here in the UK, I have missed travelling, like never before.  I long for that feeling to walk down the aisle (no, not that kind!) and jet off to a new destination, to meet new people, to experience a new culture, to see spectacular sights. It is apparent that after living under restrictions for the majority of this year, people want to escape. Searching hopefully towards our freedom returning in 2021, what does the future look like for keen travellers. It fills me with delight to say that there is hope on the horizon!

Travelling New Year 2021 Travel Corridors

Travelling for those of us here in the UK

At present, here in the UK, we have a list of places which we can and cannot travel to. If a country has an R number (used to measure any disease’s ability to spread) below 1, then it is deemed safe to travel to this country. Former times of randomly pointing at a map and deciding that this will be your next destination are temporarily off-limits. At present, people are anxious about travelling. Holidays & flights are constantly being cancelled as the government updates its list.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Airlines including EasyJet have reported a surge in bookings. We’re now excited at the prospect to travel again! Although nothing is definite as of yet, thanks to the introduction of the vaccine, there is hope. The situation looks to be better folks, not worse. Travel companies are seeing the return of bookings to more traditional destinations, rather than those associated with visiting friends & family. For those of you longing to return to the Spanish sunshine, this may be possible by March 2021. After the majority of the vulnerable groups of the population have received the vaccine. Now, where did I put my flip-flops?

Fewer restrictions, more destinations

Within Europe, more destinations are welcoming the return of tourists. We save our money to spend in the destinations we travel to. They want us to spend our money there, so everybody’s happy! If you are searching for the most dependable destinations to travel to 2021, I have some recommendations.

Travelling New Year 2021 Travel Ideas

Mingle in Montenegro

If you are thinking of travelling to Montenegro, you may not need to wait until the new year. Countries which are listed on Montenegro’s ‘green’ list do not require any test to travel there, as it remains open for tourism. Those looking to explore a multicultural European spot filled with magnificent mountains, vibrant monasteries and rich in history, Montenegro is calling you. Montenegro is a notoriously expensive destination to travel to. Take advantage of the cheap flights available right now, which are at a bargain price compared to years previous. Grasp this opportunity and make this your ideal spot for 2021!

Travelling to Croatia

At the moment, you need to present a negative PCR test taken in the 48 hours prior to travelling here. Understandably, Croatia has taken the precautions necessary to protect themselves. Despite this fact, Croatia has always been so welcoming to tourism, allowing entry for most foreign travellers. This is evident in the people you meet there like the warm welcome you receive when you arrive at your small and family-run hotel. If you enjoy hiking then I recommend the Saucony Paklenica Trail. Providing you with a beautiful landscape overlooking Croatia’s promise land, filled with natural beauty.


After months of cabin fever, I think that 2021 should be the year to take that trip of a lifetime! Forget the mini breaks, we have gone long enough without travelling around this wonderful world of ours. So instead, book the trip that you were saving for the future & let us live in today, not tomorrow.

Georgia: where Europe meets Asia

One of the most interesting places I’ve visited is Georgia. It’s a beautiful country with plenty of things to see and do. Dramatic, picturesque, and eclectic all at the same time! And the food, absolutely incredible. 

It is still relatively undiscovered by tourists so here you’ll really experience the authentic Georgia. I love this aspect! Having the possibility to meet locals and connect with them is so precious.

Tbilisi the heart of Georgia

At first this amazing city can seem a little bit overwhelming and even chaotic but if you look closer you realise that it is actually not at all like that. Many of the neighbourhood still retain a village feel. 

It’s such a beautiful city with a lot of history and you can kind of feel all the things that have happened here. I can only imagine what the walls of the building would say if they could speak. 

It’s a great place to stroll around. The Old Town offers instagrammable corners on every narrow street and there are plenty of bohemian bars and cosy coffee shops to give your feet a rest for a little while. Walking next the beautiful river is also not to be missed.

Tbilisi has the perfect location in a valley between mountains so it really offers a spectacular view from almost every part of the city. 

Georgia, and especially Tbilisi, really is a great place to visit and so is Slovenia

Georgia is a beauiful country split between Europe and Asia. Here you can experince Tbilisi and stroll the streets of the old towna dn try delicious traditional dumplings or visit the wine region and learn more about the wine making process used in Georgia.

The food scene 

The food in Georgia is so comforting and so good. I ate so well during my time there and I don’t think there was not even one thing out of the things I tried that I didn’t like. You can expect quite a hearty diet in Georgia with a lot of meat and potatoes but everything is just so good and tastes homemade. I love that. 

Khachapuri is one of my favourite things to eat in Georgia. A cheese stuffed bread with a few varieties that often include eggs. Absolutely delicious and of course very filling as it is bread and cheese! 

My next tip on food that you shouldn’t miss is the traditional dumplings! They are typically stuffed with meat and spices. You can try them either boiled or steamed, they are delicious either way! If you are vegetarian you will find great options for you as well – mushroom and cheese are a couple of examples. 

A visit to the wine country 

I had no idea that Georgia was full of vineyards until I visited the country. So if you have a few extra days I’d definitely recommend you to get out of Tbilisi. A visit to the wine region is the perferct break. 

You’ll be amazed at the breathtaking scenery and if you are into wine you can visit a vineyard. The winemaking tradition dates back to a long time ago. The Georgians use a special technique for making the wine.

A great base for your wine country tour is the town Sighnaghi, a very charming town that is surrounded by a stone wall and has a beautiful watchtower. From here you can easily get around with the help of a tour guide and get a feel for this part of Georgia.

Slovenia: The Fairytale Country You Should Visit

Slovenia is a beautiful fairytale country that is still not on many people’s bucket list – but should be! Slovenia has approximately 500 castles which is insane! Nature is stunning here with the green surroundings and the lakes where many castles are right in the middle of.  Some huge films have been made here, includingThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”.

Nature, lakes and beaches in Slovenia

First of all, if you haven’t seen Narnia, get to it already! It’s a beautiful story and I’m not surprised that a part of it was filmed in Slovenia. If you loved the movie and are planning a trip to Slovenia then visit Soca ( Soča ) Valley and the Cathedral Cove.  Cathedral Cove is incredible with its green waters where you can enjoy snorkeling and diving. The coastal walks will probably take your breath away a little, as it did with me!

Slovenia might not be as popular of a destination as Amsterdam for example, but it has just as much charm!

Soca Valley in Slovenia is, according to me, one of the most magical places on Earth. I do love my nature and I wouldn’t mind going back to this place. It’s perfect If you love nature, adventure and even tranquility. We tried zip lining over the canyons with a company called Soca Rafting. 40 km per hour gets your heart beating and the adrenaline pumping pretty fast, trust me!

Water rafting is also really popular here and I highly recommend it. The water’s emerald color is a sight you will remember for life, at least I know I will. At the end of July, there is the Soca Outdoor Festival with a paragliding contest which was so much fun to watch.

There is just so much to do here so if you’re an active person and you like doing a lot of things on your vacation, this is the spot in Europe to be next summer (fingers crossed). Bungee Jumping and skydiving are a rush too if you want to take it one step further!

The Castles and Fortresses

The next time I go to Slovenia I’m going to make it an “all castle trip”.  The plan is to travel from castle to castle and see magical places. I might not choose all 500 of them but at least 50 or so ? You’ll find amazing medieval castles and Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Here are a few castles I have visited and the ones I have my eye on:

  • The Bled Castle
  • Brdo Castle
  • Zuzemberk Castle
  • Celje Castle
  • Predjama Castle

You can’t Google Slovenia without getting the Bled Castle in the middle of the lake. It’s Slovenia’s landmark, standing on a cliff that is overlooking the lake. Absolutely stunning, especially during the night so try and time it for both a day and a night visit. Lake Bled, where the castle is located, was once a health resort, popular among the aristocrats.

If you decide to visit the Predajma Castle, make sure to include the Postojna Cave. Postojna Cave is one of Slovenia’s largest cave systems and is truly impressive. There are a lot of tours you can book, we arranged one with our hotel and it was great.

So 2021, let the summer adventures and travels begin!



Amsterdam, my first impressions

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and, in my opinion, one of its most beautiful cities. Its canals, its particular structure, its museums and monuments will make us fall in love. It would be difficult in an article that will tell everything that can be seen in this city. However, I will tell you the main details and places that have impressed me on my first visit.

Amsterdam and its canals

It is one of the most particular things in this city, they remind us of Venice and the reflection of light in the water at night is simply beautiful. If you are lucky enough to get a boat, you can navigate them, although I recommend walking them or using a bicycle to get around them all.

Amsterdam's canals

They go around the city in an almost circular way, making our walks around Amsterdam a continuous up and down of the bridges that cross it.

Amsterdam’s famous bicycles

As I said, you can take a bicycle to visit the city. What’s more, it is even an obligation, since bicycles are all over Amsterdam and it is the best means of transport. It is not difficult to rent a bicycle and you can park anywhere.

Cycle paths

If you go to Amsterdam, you will see that the bike lanes are more common than the roads and the traffic in the city center is not a nuisance. They run throughout the city as if they were a subway line. Pay attention to respect the rules of the road! Traffic is heavy!

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

One of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank house. This is the Annex, the one we read in her famous diary, and it is perfectly preserved. It is very difficult to enter that house without feeling chills knowing what has happened. However, you have to plan the visit well in advance, as it is much better to make a reservation than to have to queue. For example, I had to wait more than two hours until I could enter because I had no reservation.

The journal

In the museum that is inside the Anne Frank house, we can find the original of the newspaper in which she began to write in 1942. A red and white notebook that is well protected to the delight of all visitors.

Other interesting places in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is surrounded by parks on the outskirts of the center that will delight young and old. The one I most recommend visiting is, without a doubt, the Vondelpark. The perfect place to make a break during a summer day. 


It is known to all that Amsterdam is full of museums. However, the one that everyone says to visit without fail is the Rijksmuseum. A very large building where you can see great artistic works.

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam’s pubs & bars

Finally, we cannot be in Amsterdam without stopping at one of its particular bars. We all know what is special about these bars, I only advise you not to take the bicycle after going inside one of them. It is not recommended.

The Hummingbird Bakery – a must visit

If you have a sweet tooth just like me and are always on the lookout for new places to try I can highly recommend The Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill! It’s without a doubt one of my favourite spots in all of London for a coffee and a piece of cake! Don’t miss it next time you travel there. 

Where it all began

In 2004 the first Hummingbird Bakery opened on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. The idea was to bake cupcakes and other sweet treats according to American tradition. Something which could not be found in London at that point. The founder, Tarek, was very keen on providing cake and cupcakes that tasted homemade and that is still the key today!

That is why every bakery has its own kitchen where the magic happens! 

The Hummingbird Bakery a story of success

Oh boy have they succeeded! The cupcakes at The Hummingbird Bakery are out of this world and so are the rest of their cakes. Today they have five other branches around London and one in Surrey. And they are so successful that they have now also opened two branches in Dubai. I’m pretty sure they will be taking over the whole world soon! 

What not to miss 

I have probably tried most (if not all) of the cupcakes and other cakes at The Hummingbird Bakery. And my absolute favorite is their Red Velvet Cupcake. This is a classic American flavor and their recipe is just perfect. The subtle hint of chocolate in the sponge cake and the fluffy cream cheese frosting makes it unbeatable! You should not miss this if you stop by any of their shops when you are visiting London. 

My other favorite is the Black Bottom Cupcake. It has a rich chocolate sponge as a base filled with cream cheese and cream cheese frosting to top it off. The perfect way to really indulge. 

If you’re feeling a bit peckish but you don’t want something quite as filling as a cupcake I’d recommend that you go for a brownie. They might actually be equally as filling as a cupcake but give them a try, they are delicious!

The Hummingbird bakery - a must visit. Don't miss this when you are in London. Delicious cakes and cupcakes for the sweet tooth.

Bake your own cupcakes with The Hummingbird Bakery

If you are not able to travel to London at the moment to try the delicacies at The Hummingbird Bakery, don’t despair! You can make the cakes at home instead! The bakery has created various cookbooks that you can easily order online and has delivered to your door! How great is that?!

If you are interested in baking your own cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery, you can order the book here

They don’t only offer the cookbooks in their shop, you can also get a lot of fun utensils to make you a pro baker in no time! If you’re getting one of the cookbooks you should also get the cupcake starter kit, that really goes without saying. 

All in all, a place you really should try when visiting London if you have a sweet tooth. It will not disappoint! And be sure to get a copy of their cookbook because you will be craving the cupcakes even when you get back home!

When you have been indulging in a few cakes or cupcakes you might feel like you want to move a bit, check out my article on my home-workout and healthy food for inspiration!

Brooklyn: an exciting borough to visit

If you have planned a trip to New York I have a few recommendations for you that you shouldn’t miss. I love New York, it’s my favorite city in the world (so far). I think it doesn’t matter how many times you go there, you’ll always have something new to discover! Brooklyn: an exciting borough in New York and I spent a lot of time there during my visit to the city earlier this year. I have gathered a few tips here and why I think Brooklyn is worth your time!

A short walk from Manhattan 

Manhattan in all its glory is of course fabulous but there is something very charming with walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and ending up in the wonderful borough that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Brooklyn is an exciting borough and there is no shortage of places to go and things to see. It is a hip borough with a lot of focus on fashion and food.

Small independent shops with great quality goods

When strolling on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn you will come across a large number of cute small shops all owned by local people. I absolutely love this! Everything they sell is handmade in a small scale and of great quality! If you are looking for a unique gift for someone you love you’ll without a doubt find what you’re looking for here!

One shop which caught my eye and where I couldn’t stop myself from splurging was Line and Label! Luckily they also sell their products online: check out Line&Label here!

Brooklyn an exciting borough to visit. Great places to eat. Visit a rooftop bar for n amazing view of Manhattan or shop in one of the small shops.

Brooklyn: an exciting borough with wonderful food

There are plenty of choices and food from every corner of the planet in Brooklyn just as in the rest of New York City but I actually like that everything is on a smaller scale here. The restaurants are smaller and that means the service is much better! 

If you are looking for a great brunch spot you have come to the right place! In the Williamsburg neighborhood, there are an unlimited amount of options for the one who wants to eat waffles and pancakes like a true New Yorker! Don’t miss Sunday in Brooklyn just next to the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Brooklyn an exciting borough with amazing rooftop bars

What also makes Brooklyn an exciting borough is that it has great rooftop bars to enjoy a good cocktail and the best skyline of Manhattan. You’ll definitely see the skyline much better from here than any rooftop bar in Manhattan! My favorite one is Westlight, which you can find at 111 N 12th St on the 22nd floor.

This bar offers a spectacular view of Manhattan and also Brooklyn. The food and drinks are also amazing. Do make sure you reserve a spot as it gets very busy and you don’t want to miss out! 

Ice cream at the fireboat house 

When you are strolling through the streets you will soon realize why Brooklyn is an exciting borough. One of the things you shouldn’t miss is having ice cream at the Brooklyn based creamery Ample Hill. There are various locations all around but my favorite one is the one located just by the water at the fireboat house! You have to try the peaches and cream, it’s summer in an ice cream scoop!

If you are interested in visiting France I’d recommend you to read my article about France here!

France: what to know to spend the best holidays

I was born in France, close to the border with Switzerland. Therefore, it is natural that I’m very attached to this country. It will forever be my home and half of my family still live there, near Lyon. French can look a bit rude at first but once you get to know them, they are incredible people. The country is big and has many differences between all the regions, so in this article, I will just talk quickly about the main things you need to know and to do. 

Cities and Monuments in France

france chamonix

In France, we are lucky to have the sea as well as the mountains. In my opinion, these few cities are the ones you can not miss:

  • Paris

The capital, the city of love It is essential for you to stop there. I would suggest staying a minimum a week. Be ready to walk a lot: the city is very big! There is so much to visit. The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the Tuileries garden, The Champs Elysées… If you have time you can also visit the Louvre Museum with the best masterpieces in the world. Besides, if you like museums, you’ll find tons in Paris.

  • Annecy

In the Alps mountains and very close to Switzerland, Annecy is a fancy city. Its lake is the main attraction but you will also love its culinary diversity. You can enjoy to take a day tour to Geneva and be on time to eat a delicious fondue in the small pedestrian centre at night.

  • Lyon

In the centre-east of the country, Lyon is very eclectic. It is a student city as well as the gastronomic capital of France. Enjoy a stroll along the Qais du Rhône and a fun night out in one of the many bars or clubs. Have diner in one of the Brasseries of Paul Bocuse, one of the world’s best cook. My favourite is the south one. I also like to party close to Bellecour, the heart of the city.

  • Marseille

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Côte d’Azur. In my opinion, the best in France! Marseille is full of monuments and I love the fact that the sun is always shining. Visit the old port and eat fresh fish in an old cute restaurant.

Local French food
France food cheese wine

Of course, we all know that one of the best things in France is: the food! Nothing to envy to our Spanish neighbours!

Cheese, wine, pastries, bread, meat, cakes… I could just spend days and days eating. My all-time favourite treat is macarons! Every time I go back, the first thing I do is to stop in the bakery to buy a full box. You have every flavour you want. Red wine is amazing and so tasteful accompanied by good cheese.

To sum up, France has everything you need to spend good holidays. If you don’t have too much time, choose carefully where you want to go but anyway, you won’t be disappointed.

What about you? Have you ever been to France? What is your favourite food speciality?

Cuba: the best places to visit on the Caribbean island

Cuba is one of the four biggest Caribbean islands, along with Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hispaniola.  Full of History, good food, and an amazing sense of happiness, your heart will be conquered. There is so much to see, but I tried to sum it up and keep only the most important. Of course, this list is non-exhaustive and I can not recommend enough spending there as much time as you can (keep in mind that the tourist limit visa is 30 days). You will need it!

La Havana, the capital of Cuba

La Havana is the vibrant heart of Cuba. In this city, you will find every class of inhabitants. People spend their day in the streets playing music, chatting, dancing… It is full of life. I remember above all their kindness. La Havana has many monuments to visit, such as the Capitol, cathedrals, castles, the Malecon, and la Plaza de la Revolución, a tribute to the Guevara.


Trinidad is a colourful and very alive little city. You can simply enjoy a stroll in the street looking for the cutest house, or do many more activities. I did a horse riding tour there, it was amazing! We rode for two hours through banana and tobacco plantations. Eventually, we reached a natural pool in the rock. There were cocktails, music, and incredible vibes!

You can also go to the beach, do a coffee tasting tour, or enjoy salsa in La Casa de La Música.

Varadero, paradisiacal beaches of Cuba

cuba beach

There are beautiful beaches all around Cuba. Even the ones of La Havana, although they are less wild. But the most beautiful are undoubtedly located in Varadero. A short 3-hours drive will take you there from the capital. T

hey are typical Caribbean beaches: crystal clear sea, sugar-white sand, palm trees… Enjoy your favourite cocktails in a beach bar and get the perfect tan! Varadero is full of resorts and all-inclusive hotels. Therefore, this is not a city I recommend if you’re looking for authentic Cuba. But you must stop at least a few days. If you’re on a budget trip, you can sleep in a Casa close to the beach.

Food and music

cuba music

Cuba has probably the best food in Central America. You will of course find the traditional rice and beans, but you can also eat pretty much everything you want. Seafood, meat, pizza… Everything is good quality and taste.

Prices are correct, although it can become a bit expensive in the centre of La Havana, for example. This is mainly because of the two currencies they are using. One is for locals (CUP) and the other for tourists (CUC). 1 CUC is the equivalent of 1 US dollar.

The Cuban salsa is a worldwide famous an art all alone: you can take dance lessons everywhere. Buskers are putting the streets in the fire with their songs and of course you have to visit La Casa de la Música everywhere you go!

To sum up, Cuba has definitely everything: breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and history, kind inhabitants, a good climate… It is very different from other travels I had done before. Also, their Spanish is easy to understand. It is the perfect place to disconnect from reality and forget your troubles. You have no excuses!

Have you ever been to Cuba? What was your favourite thing about your visit?

Eastern Europe, small visit to the East!

 I offer a short visit to three countries in Eastern Europe. A trip that can be done in two weeks in which you can get to know three different countries. A true adventure! 

Hungary, first stop in the East! 

My first stop is Hungary, more specifically Budapest. It is a city divided in two thanks to the Danube. I can enjoy both a modern and historical side. As it was my first visit to the east of the continent, I stayed for five days.

It gave me the time to visit places such as the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, Vajdahunyad Castle or Hosök Square, among other things. The city has a particular charm, a lot of history and perfectly represents the spirit of the East. 

Budapest, Europe, East.

Take a break!

To enjoy a little rest in this city, I visited green areas, such as the large Margitsziget park, located in the middle of the Danube between Buda and Pest. I also enjoyed the thermal waters of a Thermal bath. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is highly recommended. 

Slovakia, my second stop in Eastern Europe

Bratislava, just four hours by bus from Budapest, was my second stop. It is true that it is much smaller, but do not be fooled, it also has great charm and can be visited in just three days. The most important place to see is the Castle, located on top of a hill. From it, you can enjoy an excellent view of Bratislava and Austria, and if it is a clear day, even Vienna and Hungary. A part of Eastern Europe at your feet! 

For all the cat lovers like me in eastern Europe! 

 Going up one of the alleys that go towards the Castle, you will find a small bar with a normal appearance, however, when you open it, you will enter the cat’s paradise: the Mackafe! A few partners have built this place to protect stray cats thanks to the participation of the customers who go for a coffee or a snack. The ideal place for cats lovers.

Austria, the golden East

My last stop is in the famous Vienna, where it took me almost a week to see everything. Thousands of things could be said about this city, however, I will only say that you should have patience, that the distances are long, you have to walk a lot and use comfortable shoes. It is undoubtedly the least representative city of the East.

There are numerous monuments, museums, and cathedrals to visit. In my opinion, the most beautiful one is the Schönbrunn Castle and its gardens. Immense! 


Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna, Europe, East.

Last tip to visit Eastern Europe

If you have time and courage for another getaway, take the train and in a few hours from Vienna, you can reach the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. A visit not suitable for young children, but necessary for our memory and our History.

Would you like to travel far away from home?

Eastern Europe is not far away, but it is a good choice if you want to start traveling. Otherwise, you can always travel far away from the East, even from home, and visit other places, it is up to you!  I will always be here to help you!

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