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HonestKiss – The best fashion and beauty deals

I am going to tell you all about HonestKiss! It’s a genius website that offers several items from top brands at reduced prices, as well as personalized services. I have tested it in order to make a review for you, and here are my opinions on this new webshop. 

HonestKiss – What is it?

The general concept of the webshop is to allow you to shop both freely without a membership, but also allow you to become a member of the club and get even more exclusive offers. As a member, you’ll have a monthly subscription, and receive gift cards each month. The subscription is non-binding. Each month you’ll receive a gift card code by email, the amount of which corresponds to the value of your subscription. HonestKiss offers great products at a huge discount. And these are really good brands. In addition, when you register for the club you can benefit from a welcome gift box that allows you to discover the products of your choice. 

On the HonestKiss website, you’ll find products within beauty, fashion, makeup, skincare, and accessories (all for both men and women). In addition, you can benefit from personalized services! The club offers several things that are accessible to everyone and that is why it can appeal to a large number of people. As you all know I really enjoy all of these things – and I’ve previously shared a recipe for Oriental wax if that’s something that can interest you. 

My beauty bag

How does it work?

The advantage of the club is that it is easy to use and allows you to enjoy multiple services at the same time. I’ll explain how to proceed to get started on the HonestKiss adventure, and how to take advantage of the many benefits and services available to you.

To get started, you need to register on the HonestKiss website. Go to the menu to enter your personal information using the small form. Following this, you will receive an email from HonestKiss. This email contains your gift card with a code that will allow you to make your purchases on the site. You will have access to products at reduced prices that you’ll find in the category of exclusive offers. Thanks to this gift card you will be able to do your shopping from home!

Then you’ll be able to choose the items you like and add them to your shopping cart. When you go to validate your purchases, you will find a box reserved for your gift card. In it, you just need to write down your HonestKiss gift card code to get your price reduction.

Finally, your order will be delivered within 7-10 working days. It’s not bad! 

Why choose HonestKiss?

The HonestKiss Club offers many advantages and allows you to save money but still get a hold of great products! You can improve your shopping budget with your gift card. You can also share your gift cards with friends and family. It’s also a good idea to use the gift card for gifts. You can get a great gift that no-one would expect at a price you can actually afford. 

Gift Box by HonestKiss

The Gift Boxes

When you register, you can receive a welcome gift box that allows you to discover the products of your choice. In fact, you receive a gift card code by SMS that you need to activate before you can use it on the website. All information is shown in the SMS, and you just need to follow the steps. Very easy! Once your gift card has been activated, you can redeem it by choosing the welcome package of your choice on the HonestKiss website.

The gift boxes are free (excluding delivery costs) and there is a wide range of boxes to ensure that everyone will find something that’s appealing. The boxes are composed of 5 products that you choose according to your preferences. By subscribing to the Club you also have access to all the products at reduced prices. You can get up to 70% discount on the products in the HonestKiss webshop! Crazy right? 

If you wish to unsubscribe, all you have to do is contact customer service by email to request the termination of your subscription which is non-binding. The customer service is friendly and helpful, and when I reached out to them with a couple of questions they got back to me on the same day. That’s something I really can appreciate. 

The Exclusive products of HonestKiss

On the HonestKiss website, you will find different categories that allow you to find products easily and to navigate without getting lost. The club offers products both for men and women in the following categories: fashion items, accessories, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and even sunglasses. In addition, you’ll find makeup and skincare products on their website. They have a personal trainer service and also a personal stylist. I haven’t tried any of those, but I could imagine using the personal stylist for a special occasion. 

You can get a personal stylist at HonestKiss

Contacting their customer service

As we explained above, the HonestKiss customer service is quick to reply by email. I got informed that they are open from Monday to Friday, and that makes sense to me.  

I have contacted them by email for more information a couple of times actually, and they responded to us very quickly and positively! Their answers are complete and clear. They also helped me with the tracking of my package, so I was not disappointed! 

HonestKiss – Something for you too?

Are you also interested in trying out HonestKiss? I am curious to know if you already have tried the concept… If you have already ordered? If you have tested a gift box, please let me know your thoughts and if you were happy. I always love to hear the experience of others. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d advise you to check it out.

Christmas jumper day 2020 – a charitable cause

Christmas jumper day is an annual event where people wear a festive Christmas jumper to work, school, etc, during one day of the year. This may seem like a strange concept for those of you residing in other countries but here in the UK, it is a big event. Shops stock up their supply of Christmas jumpers in preparation for this day, falling this year on the 11th of December. There is however a very good cause behind it. You yourself, or a family member, donate £2 to the Save the Children charity. The money raised is then donated to children in need all across the world.

Christmas Jumper Day Charity Help

Buy a cheap Christmas jumper and offer your money to a better cause

If you have misplaced your last Christmas jumper which is probably lying in storage somewhere, then please don’t spend a lot of your money on a new top-notch jumper. A much better idea is to donate this money to the charity and instead look for a cheap jumper that can be altered if required (I will tell you more about this later).

As I mentioned before “A tiny gesture can go a long way”. This is your way to help an association in need.

Firstly, I recommend browsing your local charity, or second-hand shop. Here you will be sure to find a bargain at a snippet of the prices available on the high street. Failing that, I’ve sought some of the cheapest Christmas jumpers available online based on the most important aspect of price.

On our trusted favourites eBay & Amazon, you can pick up a second-hand Christmas jumper from as little as £0.01! All you will need to pay is the postage. Wowcher finds deals available on the web. If you become a member, you will benefit from these daily offers. Create alerts for any offers relating to Christmas jumpers, and you may find a real bargain!

Christmas Jumper Day Upcycle

Upcycle an old jumper – get crafty

The whole meaning behind this date is charity. So instead of buying a new jumper, why not upcycle one of your old ones lying in your wardrobe. The charity itself provides some affordable means of how you can do this.

One of the ways they suggest is by knitting your own Christmas jumper. This may seem like a hobby only your grandma partakes in but this year with most of us having more free time at home, why not make the most of this time and engage in a new hobby. It doesn’t have to be knitting. If you or someone you know owns a sewing machine then grab some old fabrics together and start making your own unique creation. I recommend using materials made from natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and linen. This will create a much more breathable material and will always wear well over time.

Last year over 4 million people in the UK took part in Christmas jumper day. A cheerful way of raising money for a worthy cause. Anybody can take part and donate. So embrace your creative side and design your own original Christmas jumper. One of a kind, just like you!

Wild X Beauty: a monthly gift card for your shopping !

Who doesn’t love shopping? Who wants to discover a fabulous website with great deals and amazing prices (the odd question would be who does NOT want)? Read this article! I share with you my experience on my new favorite website, Wild X Beauty. Whereas you spend a lot on shopping every month or are an occasional buyer, you will be in your element. I believe everyone should know about this website, and we should spread the word so more people can benefit from their awesome offers. Let’s be generous and let all our shopping sisters know!

What does Wild X Beauty have to offer?

A unique shopping concept available on the web. Subscribe to their club and enter a world of magic and fashion! Wild X Beauty offers a monthly gift card to spend on their website, unlike other regular gift box offer on the market nowadays. Indeed, with a premade box, the choice is often restricted, and you receive every month the same kind of articles. What I like about the gift card system is that you can buy pretty much everything you want, and make a distinct order every time. Clothes, shoes, jewels, sunglasses… Scroll through their large selection and just pick up your favorites! Use your monthly gift card and only pay the shipping fees. And that’s it, you only have to wait for your parcel ! Even the delivery is fast and you will receive it at home in a few business days only. Will you be patient enough?

Help from the customer service team

I always appreciate a good customer service. It is really important and tells a lot about the quality and reliability of the company. I am extremely happy with Wild X Beauty’s customer support team. You can contact them by email from Monday to Friday, they work between 9 am and 4 pm. They will answer you for sure within 5minutes, it’s incredible how fast they are. You can ask them whatever you want: doubt about the membership, issue while activating the card or with the delivery of your order…  You’ll get all the information you need.  Furthermore, they are very polite and nice, you can feel that the customer’s satisfaction is top priority. Top efficiency, definitely!

What is available on Wild X Beauty

Wild X Beauty Fashion

Clothes, cosmetics, accessories… Pretty much everything a girl like me and you needs ! From luxury brands to casual outfits, top to bottoms, make up to handbags… They also have an incredible selection of shoes and perfumes. I also bought watches for my whole family ! As you understood I think, you can find a lot of interesting items. Jewellery is one of the top collection as well. Bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings. Everything you need for an unforgettable night out for example, or to improve your daily look! Match your accessories with your outfit, you will find everything you need. My favourites ones are without the shadow of a doubt the original Moschino Couture dresses.

Wild X Beauty offers high-quality products at an unbeatable price. Indeed, you can save up to 70% discount on their luxury items. I was never able to buy Armani or Manila Grace before I discovered the website. Now, I’m proud to say that my wardrobe have never looked better ! All my friends are so surprised and thrilled when I tell them where I get it all from and that they also can benefit from the deals.

If you are a fashion lover like me, you can read my article about 5 facts you probably didn’t know about fashion.  Always good to tell those tips during a casual conversation !

Did I hear “free welcome gift box”?

Yes, you heard well ! When you subscribe to their club, you have the opportunity to order a gift box as a welcome gift. How exciting ! This offer is available for every member. You can simply subscribe on their website or click on one of the add that pops up in your Facebook feed. They also use a lot Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest. So feel free to follow them on all the social networks you want. In fact, they often organize contests and draw the winner of a cosmetic box now and then.

So, how to receive your free gift box? After your subscription, you can choose the gift box you want from a big amount of premade boxes: cosmetics, baby, board games, summer box, unicorn … Or, you can personalize yours ! Select your favourite products or try out new brands. You can choose up to 8 products (depending on the offer). I personally chose a summer box because it was in June, and I received sun creams, tan oils, a beautiful hat, and after-sun creams. I love them all ! It protected me during the whole summer and I haven’t even used half of it. Indeed, you do not receive just samples, but full-size bottles.

The membership

Wild X Beauty look

Like I said before, you will receive every month a gift card of the value of your subscription in your email box. The debit is automatic and occurs at the beginning of the month. This way, you do not forget about it and are sure to have your gift card always with you. If you haven’t received your gift card, do not forget to check in your spam !

The monthly gift card gives you access to the best deals and you can spend it on all the exclusive products of the Club section of the store. There are fashion items with amazing discounts just waiting for you and you only as a member of the club.  The website adds every week new items so if you don’t find your dream dress just know, be patient. Your card does not expire and you can use it even months after.

Other services than fashion

You can also choose to spend your credit on some personal services such as Stylist and Personal Trainer. You will receive tailored advice during a month, and in the case of the PT a personalized diet plan and training program. The professional team is here to help you and answer all your questions and doubts. In my opinion both are excellent to feel better in your body and to boost your self-confidence. Nothing is more important than loving yourself and your body!

Brand new: Wild X Beauty‘s monthly card now gives you access to entertainment services. Try out music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Youtube Premium. Discover new movies every day with Amazon Prime Video or HBO. Read the best books of all time with Kindle or Bookmate, or listen to them on Audible… You will never be bored anymore! You can try all of these services for 1 month at a ridiculous price without giving any of your data to them. Everything is done through Wild X Beauty. Then, if you like it, you are free to subscribe, or not! It is an amazing way to discover new things without being stuck in a contract.

The cancellation of the contract

It is a non-committal registration. It means that everyone is free to unsubscribe at any time! No obligation of buying anything and when you do cancel, the gift cards you haven’t used yet are still available. If you use them, it will not commit you gain to the membership.

You can cancel your subscription in a few seconds only. There are two options: you can go directly to the website and do it yourself. Enter your personal data and just click unsubscribe. You will receive a confirmation email. I recommend you to save it with a screenshot! You can also contact their amazing customer service and ask them to do it. Same as before, they will send you a confirmation in only a few minutes.

To sum up, why I recommend Wild X Beauty

  • The welcome gift box: probably my favorite thing about Wild X Beauty. I wasn’t expecting it at all and I find the system incredible. It is such a good gift and a good way to create loyalty from customers.
  • The fact to have a gift card every month and to be able to order what I want! Once again, I much prefer a gift card and not a similar gift box every month. This way I am able to order sunglasses, then clothes, then books… It’s never the same and it keeps the sparkles on!
  • Non-committal registration. Stop it whenever you want, without any obligation! No 6 months or 1 year contract, so nothing hidden and just do it when your budget lets you.
  • Large selection available. One of the biggest on a fashion shopping website!

Those are only a few of all the advantages Wild X Beauty has to offer. Even you, will probably find more when you will try it out. Please, do not hesitate to share it with me! Let me know what you think about it, but I’m pretty sure you will be very pleased. I don’t know any other website with such a good offer on the market, and such good quality products with these prices. It is definitely a bargain, and I will probably stay with them for a very long time !

IT Entrepreneur Michael Ginnerskov Jensen claims online shopping is about to change

Online shopping is something I think that most of us have done one or more times during the last year. Maybe not EVERYONE, but at least us from the younger generations. When I heard that Michael Ginnerskov Jensen claims that online shopping is about to change, I had to take a closer look. Can it really be possible that my beloved online shopping is about to change?

How can something we all do change drastically?

The main thing that made me so interested in the opinion of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen was that I thought the way we online shop already worked just fine. But looking into how he claims it will change made me open my eyes a bit. He claims that shopping with gift cards is the new thing. In Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s online store, that is how you do it. You become a member of the club, and you receive gift cards every month. You can then use the gift card in the online store of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, and purchase whatever you want from the exclusive member section. They have a lot of different fashion and beauty products. 


Why will this be the next new thing?

My first thought was that it just sounds so easy. Getting a gift card every month, paid for by myself. And then I can purchase whatever I want in good conscience. I love that the online store has everything from makeup to skincare. And not to mention all the different fashion brands. I was quite impressed that a man, Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, had this idea. And the whole thing of being charged and then get a gift card of the same amount I don’t mind. When I like the specific online store, I honestly am just happy to have a gift card there. And as all gift cards, if you don’t want anything that specific month… You just save it for later. It is very easy!


Michael Ginnerskov Jensen wants to make donation a part of the shopping process

In the online store of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, he has a donation program. I think this is something that is really great. Donating is something I personally think that everyone should do. When I saw that the online store has its own donation program I was very happy. Thinking about the planet is important, and the world just gets more and more conscious of that every day. Being able to benefit from a donation program and donating the clothes you purchase is great. The online store has a club and as a member, you will get a gift card if you donate clothing you purchased from the online store. The only rule is that you’ve had to own the fashion items at least 6 months. I really like this concept and I will definitely try it. I’m always open to trying something new. In addition, when I know that I can get ahold of great brands at amazing prices, I’m happy.       

Raging Stars and its incredible fashion offers

I recently discovered the incredible offers Raging Stars put up for sale to its exclusive members. And of course, I want to share it with you ! You know me well by now and you know my taste for fashion and beauty. Raging Stars meets all the criteria of a good fashion website. With its unique concept, you are sure to fall in love ! I explain you in this article all the advantage and bonus points. You can then make your own opinion, but believe me, you will love it too in a minute! 

What is Raging Stars?

Raging Stars is a shopping website, unique of its kind. First, you can find a multitude of fashion items for men, women, kids: everything from top to bottom, underwear and jackets included. But they also sell accessories such as sunglasses, watches or even jewels. And they have the best collection of shoes in the market ! It is easy to find your favourite perfume, and cosmetics. I think you understood by now: on Raging Stars, you can find any article related to fashion and cosmetics, with loads of beauty products of quality.

What I love about it is that there are as many luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Gucci, but also more accessible ones such as Levis, Adidas and one of my favourite: Desigual. All of them benefits from incredible discounts, the kind you won’t see anywhere else. Up to 70% ! It is incredible and this is the only place where I’ve bought an Emporio Armani handbag !

An easy and intuitive concept

The concept is new, and we have to congratulate the genius who had the idea. Indeed, there are already a lot of monthly box offers on the market. You pay every month a certain amount and receive a box at home. It can be cosmetics, food, clothes, candles… The problem is that they get quite redundant  and always contain the same thing, so it can be a bit boring. The difference here is that Raging Stars doesn’t sell a monthly box but a monthly gift card. You can then buy whatever you want from the big selection they offer. I really like it because I never need make up or underwear every month. I can just make my own choice and this is what makes the difference.

How to become a member?

Nothing is easier. Just go to their website and click on their subscription link. It’s a very simple process, they ask you a few personal information but it all goes really quickly.  You can also do it from Facebook. Indeed, they use this social network a lot to promote their advertisement. You will probably see one pop up on your feed and you just have to click on it.

The welcome gift box

Raging Stars Gift Box

The first big surprise comes straight after your subscription. Hear me well: when you become a new member, you have the opportunity to receive a free gift box! Only the shipping fees are yours to pay, which is kind of fair, isn’t it? The process can be a bit long for non-technology people, but still very simple. If you have a doubt, you can contact their customer service team, and they will help you a lot. They always answer very quickly.

So, back to our sheep. You first select the box you want. You can select one already made or even completely personalize it yourself. From clothes to board games to barbecue sets, there is for every taste and every age. When it’s done and confirmed,  you will receive a text message (SMS) within 24h with a link and your gift code. You have to click on this link and so begins the activation process of the gift card. Just follow the indications ! When everything is done and you have downloaded all the documents they need, they will activate your gift card. You will receive an email of confirmation and you just have to finally order the gift box on their website, and pay the shipping fees.

The delivery of the box

I received mine not even 1 week after I ordered it. It all went so fast, and I really appreciated it. The box was well closed and came to my house. I was expecting to receive only samples of the beauty products I chose, from the famous La Roche Pausay. But no, they were full size (an average of 500mL for each one of them).  Wow !  Everything was perfect and I’m really happy with this gift box. I still have some left and I use it every day.  They are of such a good quality, I love this brand. I never had the chance to buy it before but when I saw the offer I could finally try it !

Your membership

The debits take place every month on the 6th day. I like the fact that it is automatic, so you don’t forget it. The same day, you receive an email with your monthly gift card which is immediately available. Make sure to check your spam because the first time this is where I found mine. You will need the code. One amazing detail to know: your gift card code does not expire! Indeed, you can use it ANYTIME. No obligation to order every month if you’re not keen! Even when you stop your membership, your codes are still active. Your family or friends can use them as well. Will you spend them monthly or save them up ?

It is really easy to unsubscribe from the website. You can do it emailing the customer service team or directly on the website, at anytime. It just takes one second and you will not have any further debits. Just write your personal data and click unsubscribe.

What can you buy on Raging Stars?

Like I said before, you can find almost anything a fashion lover dream about on their website. The membership and the gift card give you access to their best deals: indeed, their exclusive discounts can be purchased only with a gift code. This is why it is so interesting ! Among them, the best luxury brands and items. Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Versace … At an incredible price. You will love their selection and will be so pleased shopping those amazing articles at such a small price. It’s a real bargain.

Personal Services

Raging Stars

You don’t feel like shopping this month ? You already have enough clothes and beauty products (is this ever possible ? Even shoes ?) ? No problem. Raging Stars gives you the opportunity to transform your body! I mean, literally! Hire their fabulous team of personal trailer to get fit, lose some extras pounds or just feel better in your body. They will send you a tailored diet plan and training program for a month. They are very professional and all is very detailed and made so you don’t hurt yourself. Commit yourself to the plan and you’ll eventually see the best improvements ! It is much easier to follow in my opinion than tutorials on youtube for example, like I tried during the lockdown. I prefer something more personal.

If you like working out, check out my articles about my at home routine here!

Feeling blue about your job ? What is better than a complete change of your wardrobe ! Their personal stylist will help you. You need first to fill up a questionary with your size and tastes, and also explaining what you want to achieve (looking fab for a wedding? Business meeting ? Or you need help  to find your everyday look ?). Their advices are very precise and top fashion. You can tell them how much you want to spend, and they will carefully take it in consideration.


On exclusivity on Raging Stars: spend your monthly gift card on the best entertainment services ! Download your favourites songs, movies and books on Spotify, Netflix or Kindle. And more ! It’s perfect when you are travelling for example. And you can stop it whenever you want ! Try them out and find your favourite platform, discover new artists and listen to interesting podcasts.

My general feelings about Raging Stars

I think you got my point: try it and try it again ! My experience is so positive and I can not recommend it enough for all fashion lovers and make up fans. I emphasize the fact that you can unsubscribe whenever you want to so no worry! You can buy all your favourites items, discover new brands and products, different every month. The concept is great,  and there’s no obligation to buy anything. Only advantages for you. Share it with your friends and family so everyone can benefits form their gift box.

Mad Feelings – My latest discovery on the web

Do you know Mad Feelings? Their ad recently popped up on my Facebook feed with a very interesting and intriguing offer. One that you can not miss! Mad Feelings is for all the fashion and beauty lovers, for people like me who always want to look good. Here is why this website blew my mind and all its advantages: trust me, it worth it and you won’t be disappointed. Read my article and give it a go!

An innovative concept on the market

Mad Feelings has a very simple and intuitive concept to offer. Come into their magical world! You will find the best offers in terms of fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. All you have to do is to become a member of their exclusive club. You can subscribe easily through their ad or directly on their website.

And here comes the first big surprise: as a welcome gift, you will receive a text message with your first gift card. With this gift card, you have access to their welcome gift box! The offer is free (you only have to pay the shipping fees, fair enough). It is amazing!

You then receive an email with your monthly gift card on the 6th day of every month. Keep the gift code safely: you’ll need it to do your shopping! You have to use it on their website. It is full of renowned brand articles and luxury items, as well as casual outfits. You will as well find beauty products, accessories, books, personal service.

All the prices are very attractive and a great discount. Furthermore, you can stop the membership at any time, free of charge. But trust me: you will not want to lose this opportunity and to resign your membership! Just do your normal shopping and when you check out, you will find a case for the gift code, just before processing the payment.

No expiration date!

In addition, you can use the monthly gift cards whenever you want because they do not expire. You can for example save them all (will you be able to?) and use them exclusively for your Christmas shopping? Or for a present for Mother’s Day? I for example ordered a cute little outfit for my niece’s birth.

In my opinion, the best advantage of this kind of membership is the discovery of new brands. You can try new products every month. Of course, you can order from famous brands, which by the way would be too expensive without the discount they offer. But it is also great to try out less famous brands, for example, organic and vegan? They deserve it as much!

The very appreciated eco-friendly aspect of Mad Feelings

Mad Feelings Fashion

You already know me for a while. And you know how important the protection of the environment is for me. This is something everybody should be concerned about. The fashion industry has unfortunately a lot to do and change in the fight for a better world. The chemicals they use, the conditions of the employees in some countries…Every little step should be encouraged.

This is why I like Mad Feelings so much and their brand-new concept. You have the opportunity to give to the charity of your choice the clothes you bought on their website. You just need to be a member for at least six months and keep the clothes for six months as well. It is an amazing way to reduce your ecological print and prevent the too famous system of the fast fashion industry.

And the best is yet to come: for each donation, you receive a new gift card! You just need to provide the website with proof and the price of the items you give. They will send you a new gift card of the same value! You heard it well. For me the idea is incredible and if all the shops would do the same, the planet would feel so much better.

All the services you can benefit from with your gift card

I can understand that you don’t want to spend all your gift card on fashion and beauty products (or can I ?). But on Mad Feelings, you can also benefit from different services. You can spend your gift card on music, streaming, podcasts. As well as magazines and the most famous international newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, Le Monde… Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, or HBO are also available.

You know how much I love Netflix and with Mad Feelings you can subscribe for one month, to see if you like it or not. And you do not have to pay a monthly subscription if it turns out that you don’t like it. Also, I can’t travel without my music and can download my favorites artists from Spotify! This is a thriving idea.

Apart from entertainment, you can spend your gift card on a healthy option. Indeed, you can hire a personal trainer for a month! He will give you a tailored training program and diet. Whereas you’re looking for a lean body, to lose a few pounds or just keep fit, this is the best plan. Do not hesitate to contact those professionals!

Or maybe you’re more focused on changing your wardrobe or need some help with styling? You can use your gift card for a consultation with a personal stylist! Who doesn’t need some advice and tips on styling or upgrading your wardrobe? 

Or maybe you prefer to look glamorous for your next romantic date or a smart look for your important professional meeting next week? Hire a Personal Stylist at Mad Feelings, and she will give you the best advice, and find the best prices on all their selection of articles.

What about the welcome gift box?

As I told you before, when you subscribe to the club, you get the chance to receive a free gift box as a welcome gift. And I was not disappointed at all! You can choose from a large selection of gift boxes already made or even personalized yours from scratch.  It can be cosmetics, but also baby products, board games, accessories for the beach…

There’s no limit to their imagination, just choose your favorites and what you need the most at the moment! Also, the products you receive are not just samples but full-sized. The box was well organized and pretty. It was very appreciated! I received it in a few business days only.

As you might already know,  I am a VERY impatient girl, so I was in heaven the day I received it. I was not expecting it before at least two weeks!

What can you buy on Mad Feelings? 


The selection of products available on Mad Feelings is very large. Indeed, you can find typical clothes for men and women. But also jewelry, perfumes, and accessories such as sunglasses and watches. I love their selection of shoes! I bought from them trainers, heels and even flip-flops… They are the shoes I am using every day.

And still a very interesting price! Lately, they also have added a selection of books on topics such as healthy recipes, or fashion. There are a lot of biographies available about fashion icons. So interesting!

The customer support service

Let’all agree on this: good customer service is essential. I have contacted theirs, more for curiosity than necessity (everything is well explained everywhere on their website). Surprisingly, they answered me within 5 minutes every single time. They gave me all the information.

The explanations were very clear, and the woman I was talking to was very nice and polite. They are although only available on their email address. I think that this way, they have immediate access to all your data. It did not bother me at all and all went smooth and nice!

My general review of Mad Feelings

To sum up, Mad Feelings has conquered my heart. This is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most interesting websites right now in the market with this kind of offer. There are more, actually a lot nowadays, but in my opinion, Mad Feelings is much better for all the reasons above. All the little things make a huge difference compared to the concurrence.

My experience was as you would expect very positive. I recommend it to everyone who is keen on spending this amount on a membership. In the end, you really save a lot of money and who doesn’t want a few extra quid to grab a drink with friends! You can read all their conditions when you subscribe, everything is clear and nothing is hidden.

I’m planning on using my clothes for a little while longer, before giving them to a charity I like. The quality is still perfect, and I am sure it can last at least ten more years! Once again, the customer support team was amazing and accompanies you every step of your order.

So are you going to check it out? Tell me more about your own experience! 

Honest Kiss review: new world of Fashion & Beauty

Honest Kiss – Review: New World of Fashion & Beauty

One day when I was mindlessly scrolling, Honest Kiss appeared, and I was immediately intrigued by their magical world. I can now say, I am completely stuck! If you, like me, love fashion and beauty, keep reading! I’ll explain the concept, how to take advantage of unbeatable prices, and my thoughts on Honest Kiss.

A winning concept for all beauty & fashion enthusiasts

Honest Kiss offers a new magical world in fashion and beauty and their concept is very simple. You become a member of their club and get a gift card to use on a gift box which is completely free (excluding shipping costs). After that, you receive a new gift card every month in the form of a gift code.

It can be used on the website, where you’ll find well-known brands at incredibly low prices. The membership comes at a great price and there’s no lock-in contract so you can end the service whenever you want. I can almost guarantee that you’ll want to stay once you’ve looked at through the site and seen all the great products!

In addition, the gift cards don’t have an expiration date, so you can save them and use them when it suits you! Great if, for example, you’re not feeling too keen on shopping for one month (but when does that really happen…?).

One of the best aspects of a subscription like this is that you get a unique opportunity to discover new products from your favorite brands but also other well-known brands that you might not have tried otherwise, maybe they’re too expensive normally. 

By the way, if you are as interested in fashion as I am, then besides reading more about Honest Kiss here below, you can also read the articles I wrote about 5 fashion fact you probably did not know!

Donate your clothes, get money back and help the environment

honest kiss donation

What I like most about Honest Kiss is their brand new concept. In which, you as a member get the opportunity to donate clothes you’ve bought from their shop to a charity of your choice. Once you feel you don’t need them any longer that is (at least six months from the time you bought them).

This way, you can do a good deed and also help reduce fast fashion, which has become very big in today’s “wear and tear” society.

But it doesn’t end there! You also get money back in the form of a gift card, with the same value as the products you bought the garment for from Honest Kiss. This way you can continue to buy fashion and beauty at very low prices! What could possibly be better than that?

For me, this is what distinguishes them and makes their concept innovative and so right! Despite the fact that there is  a lot of talking today about sustainability and caring for our environment and resources, this concept is very new and not something I have seen other websites offer.

Other Gift Card Services

If you’re not keen on spending your money on beauty products or fashion, you can use your gift cards on other services such as streaming, music and podcasts, magazines or e-books. Among others, you can try Netflix, HBO, Disney+, or Storytell. I tried the last one last month as I love reading and it was very easy!

A big advantage was that I could test the service for a month without having to think about getting stuck with recurring service. My next choice will be Netflix. I’m probably one of the last people who’s not already a member… It feels very safe to do it this way since I don’t have to give them any of my account info.

If you want to use the gift card to improve your health, Honest Kiss gives you the chance to hire a personal trainer! An excellent idea in my opinion! You get a tailored exercise and diet plan made to fit your needs and you’re guaranteed results!

Or maybe you’re more focused on changing your wardrobe or need some help with styling? You can use your gift card for a consultation with a personal stylist! Who doesn’t need some advice and tips on styling or upgrading your wardrobe? 

The exciting Gift Box

honest kiss giftbox

When I peeked through the website and decided to join the club, I also got to choose a free gift box with 5 products. There’s so many to choose from and the products are truly top-notch! I chose a box with products from Hawaiian Tropic when summer was right around the corner. And what a great choice! The products I received were full size and now I can protect my skin all summer.

But there are many other options for the gift boxes. Everything from boxes for pregnant women to products for picnics and grilling. The opportunity to create your own gift box is also available, which could be an interesting alternative! The instructions on how to order it were very clear and the delivery went so smoothly! I could enjoy my products shortly after I ordered the box and that’s something I value.

My absolute favorites from Honest Kiss

As I mentioned, there is a plethora of both beauty and fashion products to buy, but also accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. So it’s not easy to choose my favorites products among all those available. Since I was young I’ve been particularly interested in beauty and over the years I’ve found my top 3: Lancôme, Clarins, and Estée Lauder. I was so happy when I saw all my favorites brands at a lower price!

My three favorite products so far are:

  1. Lancome Matte Shaker – gives a lovely color to the lips and brightens even the grayest day.
  2. Estée Lauder Double Wear Fluid Foundation – my daily base, great for summer and winter. It’s available in so many different skin tones. It also lasts really well!
  3. Clarins Eyebrow Pencil – another product I use daily. It’s easy to use and perfect for everyday make-up. 

In addition to these three products, there’s of course many, many, more that I love.

The longer I’m a member, the more products I’ll discover. I’m sure I’ll have hundreds of favorites in the end!  

Honest Kiss inspires to discover new products

Not only do they have products under every category but also tips on products for different occasions. You will find categories such as Sweet and Honest or Hidden Beauty. I really think it’s a smart idea! Thanks to this, I’ve found new products that will now be part of my daily collection. Like the eyebrow stencils from Artdeco, they’ve really helped me make absolutely perfect eyebrows!

Another absolutely lovely discovery for me is the Dolce & Gabbana perfume Dolce Garden. I loved their second fragrance, Dolce so it was really fun to find a new favorite.

Of course, there’s also a large selection of products for men in the same categories as for women. If you’re looking for a birthday present for a friend, boyfriend, dad, brother or maybe cousin, you’ll definitely find something for them. And sometimes it can be just as fun, if not more, to get something nice to someone else, right?

Why I like Honest Kiss

honest kiss kids

So to sum it all up, I had a very positive experience with Honest Kiss and will without a doubt continue my subscription. Through this new world, I’ve gotten to know new brands and found new favorites. Which are just some of the many reasons why I think this is a winning concept. I even look forward to donating my used clothes to a new owner.

But for now, I want to use the clothes I got a little longer, so that will have to wait! But I love to have the possibility to do something good and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that!

I’d definitely recommend Honest Kiss to anyone who wants to shop well-known brands at amazing prices. There’s something for everyone! A subscription like this is an excellent idea that they’ve perfected with ease and without strange, fine print conditions! In short, it’s well worth a visit. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s as good of an idea as I think!



Fashion worldwide: 5 facts you (probably) didn’t know!

Do you ever think about why you choose the clothes you wear? Maybe – maybe not. Many of the clothes, shoes and accessories we wear today have an interesting background story. Fashion houses do not always invent their designs out of thin air. Many times the inspiration comes from some very unrelated angles.  As I have traveled the world, I have thought more and more about the origin of these trends. Here I have found 5 facts that will probably surprise you.

  1.  High heels: invented in Persia

    Originally, it was men who wore high heels. It was not for the sake of sight, instead, they had a function. The heels helped to ensure that men were firmly seated in the stirrups when riding a horse. They were introduced into the fashion world around the 17th century. Eventually, this trend found its way into women’s clothing, and men stopped wearing high heels. It’s funny to think that high heels originally had a practical function. Today, it is the fewest high heels that can be considered practical, and they exist primarily for aesthetic appeal.

  2. The corset – fashion created by the “influencers” of the time

    In the past, there was a certain high-ranking group in society that had a great deal of influence on various trends. The royal families around Europe were the influencers of that time. 


    Although the corset originally came from Italy, it was in France that it gained significant popularity among the court. Although the corset is basically a piece of underwear, it has from time to time made its way onto the fashion scene as an independent piece of clothing. If you are interested in Europe, you can check my article about traveling in eastern Europe here.

  3. Do Cowboy boots come from the USA?

    It would be logical to conclude the United States as the origin of the cowboy boot. Anyone who has seen a western movie has probably noticed the iconic boots. But this type of boots actually originated in Spain, where shepherds and other horsemen used them.

  4.  Medieval shoes were very long

    Whether shoes should be long and pointy changes with time. However, it is in no way comparable to what shoes should look like in the Middle Ages. At one point, men walked around with shoes so long that they were over 50 cm! When speaking of impractical clothing, this is a good example. It is not only today’s fashion that is impractical; In the past, there were many strange trends that make today’s clothes look boring.

  5. The influence of the military on fashion

    military influence on fashion

    And no, I’m not thinking of camouflage clothing, which is quite obviously a military inspiration. In fact, this influence goes much deeper. A good example is the popular trench coat. A brand called Aquascutum produced clothing for the military during the Crimean War.

    The design consisted of a practical jacket, which we know today as a trench coat. It was later Burberry that made this type of light jacket popular.

    In addition, it is also worth mentioning the classic Rayban Aviator sunglasses. The inspiration behind these iconic shades comes from military goggles designed to protect pilots from sunlight. During the 1930s, more advanced aircraft were invented and they were able to fly at higher altitudes. This gave rise to a new problem which was solved by flying goggles in this form. Read more about military and fashion here.



Oriental wax: my favourite homemade recipe

My second recipe on this blog is homemade oriental wax. As you might have noticed, I love making my own cosmetics! It is very economic, eco-friendly and so much better for my skin. Indeed, I choose exactly what I want the composition to be. It is a good alternative to be sure to have vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products. And it is so satisfying! 

What is oriental wax?

Oriental waxing is very similar to traditional waxing. You use as well a caramel-like wax. The main difference is the strips: no need with the oriental wax! Just use your fingers. This method is very old and nowadays, people start using it again. In fact, this is a good option to be more eco-friendly. You can even find prepared oriental wax to buy in supermarkets.

My own experience

I have tried many oriental wax recipes before finding the perfect one. Indeed, you have loads on the web, all with different proportions, and distinct rest time. It is not easy at first but with practice, you won’t change for anything in the world! I stress that you have to be very careful not to burn yourself when the wax is still hot. It happens to everyone at the beginning, but I guarantee it hurts!

Allow it to cool properly before starting the manipulation. Once you’re done, you can conserve the wax in your freezer and reuse it as much as you want. You just need to heat it up in the palm of your hands, or even in the microwave (very low power!)

My recipe

Nothing easier: you only need 3 ingredients! Mix 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 of water and 1 of lemon juice all together in a small pot. Bring it to a boil, and never stop stirring. When the liquid starts getting thicker and changes to a golden color, your wax is ready!

This recipe is as easy as my homemade deodorant, feel free to check it out!

How to use your oriental wax

oriental wax homemade recipe

First, get ready. Make sure your skin is clean and completely dry. You can use cornstarch instead of baby talc to dry it. It is a much better product. Then go somewhere bright and comfortable. When the oriental wax has cooled down, start kneading it with your fingers.

The wax must become white-ish. Apply it on your dry skin, in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then pull strongly in the other direction. And that’s it! You must see your hair on the wax. Just repeat the same gesture over and over until your skin is totally smooth. If you can’t find a good way to do it, I recommend you watch tutorials on Youtube to help you.

As I told you, nothing complicated! It is very easy and you can easily stay for two or three weeks between two sessions. Indeed, waxing reduces the speed of hair growth. I have adopted this method and won’t come back to the razor I was always using!

What about you? What do you use? Will you give it a go?

Ready for every fashion occasion: what to pack

As a full-time traveller, it can be harsh to keep stylish. I love fashion, and I won’t give up on it. Through time, I have found ways to be ready for every fashion occasion while avoiding overpacking. Whereas you’re going for a 2 days hike in India, a photoshoot on the beach or on a date in the Maldives, I will show you how to do! The key is to take only the essential. I now only travel with a 50L backpack. Indeed, it is much more practical. You have to think that you will be constantly moving and transporting your bag everywhere. 

What to load in your backpack

Of course, you can travel with a suitcase (or two!), but I would undeniably rather travel with a backpack for the practical side. It is important that it doesn’t exceed 10% of your body weight. I hear from all the travellers I meet how many troubles they have while packing.

What is essential, what is not? I have some experience in the matter and I will share with you my tips relative to outfits to be ready for every fashion occasion. You can also read my articles about what cosmetics to pack. Indeed, I live full-time with just one backpack as my wardrobe!

Ready for every fashion occasion:  clothes

ready for every fashion ocasion

Who doesn’t pack 3 cute dresses and jumpsuits for a simple weekend gateway? “You never know” is probably the phrase I was using the most until I severely injured my back. I am now very careful regarding my luggage.

Hence, here is what I always take with me to be ready for every fashion occasion:

  • A long jumpsuit: for a romantic date, a city break, chilly nights… This is completely a multi-purpose item! You can take as well a short one, I just haven’t found the right one yet!
  • Two dresses: a fancy one, the other for the beach. Make it match your bikini!
  • Shorts and skirts: for the beach, for exercise, a city getaway… Of course not if you’re visiting Iceland or Finland in winter!
  • A warm jacket and a long blouse
  • 2 Leggings: as the jumpsuit, it is a multi-purpose item
  • 5 tops: I pick and mix!

Ready for every fashion occasion: accessories

  • Shoes: a pair of flip-flops, a pair of comfortable trainers and my favourite black heels
  • Handbag: my favourite for a date is a small black case! Black goes with everything. I also take one to go on a hike as well, about 20L size.
  • Hair accessory: I like wearing a flower, and glittery gold straps in my hair. Of course, do not forget hair ties!

You understand: with experience, it is so easy to pack. Just take good habits from the beginning and it will soon become a game! I even happen to enjoy it, and I am really happy every time I come back and find clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. Also, black is your best friend!

What about you? Do you have trouble packing? What is the hardest part?

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