Welcome to my very first blog!

My name’s Joe and  for those of you who don’t know me or my blog yet, I guess a little backup story is needed!

I was born in France in 1990 but brought up in Cornwall, UK, in a nice little house by the sea. My 2 brothers are much older, so I spent most of my free time alone playing music and reading fashion magazines, or walking hours and hours in the forest with my dogs. I was as well a RSPCA volunteer during 6 years.

I then went to Oxford to study law. This was my dream since I was a little girl. It was tough but I met there amazing friends and all together we pulled through! I’ve always loved animals so naturally I specialised in becoming an animal rights lawyer and successfully passed all my exams.

When all of my friends started immediately to work in renowned lawyer cabinets, my friend Stevie decided to take a gap year and travel ! Even if at first I thought (we all did !) she was crazy, I’ll be forever grateful for the inspiration. She literally opened my eyes and I decided to follow her path.

So here I am, 30 years old, travelling full time, living the dream! I’m working as a freelance journalist and I absolutely LOVE it. And a friend recently suggested me the idea to write a blog !

In this blog

I will write about most of my experiences and share with you my travel tips so you are ready for every situation. For me it is so important to stay girly. Indeed, I love fashion and why couldn’t I stay stylish even on the other side of the world? You’ll see that it is very easy to combine both. Cooking is another passion and i most certainly share some recipes to keep fit!

Please leave comments or contact me as I love having feedback. I’ll be very happy to read you.


Enjoy !