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Mindfulness, how did it change my life?

We always listen everywhere, be happy, don’t worry, everything is going to be better. But nobody says how. And it can be quite hard sometimes to find out the way to our happiness. However, I think I found mine. I recently started a new concept. I am practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness, what is it?

Mindfulness mindset

Mindfulness is a new concept used in order to develop your mind wellness. Often compared to meditation, it looks like this new approach takes something more. In fact, the keyword in this new practice is “acceptation”. We will develop the concept later. The idea here is to learn how to control your emotions through a learning process. The practisers distinguish two kinds of mindfulness. The one based on ancestral techniques and the other one a bit more modern. Both of them are taught and learned in order to enhance your capacity to live in perfect harmony with your present.

How did it help me?

Mindfulness relaxed

Obviously, mindfulness is aiming to help you. Once you are able to control your emotions and accept any situation you will pass by, your life will seem much easier. Today, I am able to control my anxiety and stress level, without avoiding a bad situation. Just because I learned how to focus on it. But it had given to me other advantages. For example, my ability to concentrate and focus effectively on a task increased amazingly. The fact that I only think about the pertinent information makes me more efficient when I have to act quickly. In few words, I feel much more comfortable with any task in any situation. But there is another point where mindfulness helped me. My sleeping! I can say that I am sleeping much better, and much more relaxed. What else could I ask ?!

So basically, I feel like I am in a virtuous circle, where what I am doing or feeling will have a positive impact on what is coming next. This is a sensation I didn’t felt for a long time.

How can you learn it?

Mindfulness meditation

If you got here, it’s because I think that you are starting to feel interested in the practice of mindfulness. To start practicing, you will have to follow seminaries given by professionals specialized in this field. Step by step, they will teach you how to analyze each feeling you can experiment with during your daily life. This step is important because you can’t control something that you don’t know. Once this first part is done, a word will sound constantly in your mind, “acceptation”. This is the second step, the hardest. You will have to accept the feeling, the emotion. Even bad or good.  Be OK with the moment. And to finish, when you finally have accepted the emotion, you can get to the last step. You can control this emotion and learn how to live with it.

No worries, it can seem difficult reading it, but the instructor I learned with made my experience smooth and enjoyable. The sessions I had lasted around 1.30 hours each, which is perfect to experiment with every sensation. During those lessons, you will learn new concepts as internal communication, mental imagery, and relaxation skills. New baggage you will be pleased to use in your daily life!

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Sport at home, I start the year with a new routine

The beginning of the year doesn’t look much different from last year. And it makes it so hard to follow our routine.  This is why I decided to reschedule my time. So I started something I never tried before, and I wanted to share it with you. Sport at home.

Sport at home, my own organization

Sport at home organisation

Regarding the current situation, it was quite hard to keep going on with my sport routine. Now gyms are closed, it became harder. This is why I took the decision to start training on my own. That allows me to organize myself. I have to admit, it hadn’t been that easy, mostly at the beginning. Because sometimes, it can be really easy to find excuses and skip the training. So if I can give you a tip, make your fitness session a priority! No worries, after the first week, everything will seem much smoother.

Set my own program

Once I organized my time, I had to program my training sessions. It wasn’t possible for me to start without knowing what I had to do. First, I scheduled a program that fit my needs and my level.  Things like the list of exercises, the time it will last but also the material required will make your session more structured.  I recommend starting with a 40 minutes session, warm-up included. The second step will be to establish the space you will need during the session. I always take 6m² just to be sure I have enough space to move around. The last step is the most important. Prepare your training program. This will be the key to good training. No worries, you can easily find all kinds of training on the web. Be sure that your program is responding to your goals and needs.

What should be my sport at home session made of?

Sport at home session

When I first started, I wasn’t sure that I was doing the correct. So I asked a professional for some clues in order to structure properly my sessions. This is what he said: the first step has to be the warm-up. It has to be progressive in intensity. It usually lasts 8-12 minutes. The following step comes with the execution of the exercises. You have to respect the effort time but also the rest time. I use to work out with a succession of 2 exercises and take a 1.30min break. It works quite well for me. Remember that it’s important to work on the full body to make sure you are not forgetting any important part. Once you have finished, you will have to cool down. I use some stretching to do so.

My favorite session

Sport at home dumbells

As a conclusion to this article, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite training. Here we go!


– Warm up

1st block, 3 series : 10 push-ups + 12 squats + 30 seconds plank

2nd block, 3 series : 12 lunges (each leg) + 15 burpees + 20 abs crunches

3rd block, 3 series : 10 skippers + 20 jumping jacks + 10 lumbers extension

– Cooldown


However, do not forget that you must adapt the session to your needs. Do not hesitate to combine your new sport routine with a detox plan !


Country living vs the hustle and bustle of city life

Here in the UK, there is a great contrast between the impressive capital & the life you can have in the country. While country living provides you with more indoor and outdoor space, living in the city presents far more opportunities to socialise. Maybe, like me, you are at a point in your life where you are uprooting. You need to make a decision on where to next call home. Although I am yet to make a final decision, here are some of the things that I have taken into consideration so far.

Balancing the cost with the gain

As you will know, I love to visit places relatively undiscovered by tourists, like my recent trip to Georgia. So, you would assume that I want to live away from crowded places. However, in the UK, we have a spectrum of country living. To begin with, we have the capital of London. Although breathtakingly beautiful, London is a tourist destination for many. For others, it is a place of business. While almost 9 million people call this place ‘home’. Albeit, at a cost. With an average rental price of £1,600 per month, living in London comes at an expensive price.

Country Living Vs City Life London

In comparison, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Liverpool costs £655. Here lies the predicament. As if the daily living cost in London wasn’t expensive enough, I would be paying more than double the amount in rent to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. Having so many facilities, restaurants, & events to go to has its drawback – you will spend a lot of money! On the other hand, country living surely consists of not spending much? I personally don’t imagine myself passing my days sitting at home reading a book by the fire every night. Having said that, things such as transport, groceries, amongst other necessities, will inevitably cost less. All in all, saving you more money.

Country living allows you to appreciate nature again

In general, there are not many places that you can live in which allow you to feel at one with nature. Except, country living, that is. Whilst city living provides you with views over a concrete jungle, although very pretty when lit up at night, country living supplies much more. Fresh air, blue skies, gardens, forests, streams, and a night sky filled with thousands of stars. You cannot put a price on that. I personally love taking a peaceful walk through the countryside and listening to the birds chirping, as opposed to hearing the loud pandemonium of city life.

Country Living Vs City Life Nature Silence

Small-town life can be quite lonely

Albeit, a country walk can be lovely. However, enjoying it alone is not quite the same as when in the company of others. Getting a social life can be quite difficult in country living. Naturally, there are fewer people to socialize with. It’s more of small-town life. A kind of place where everybody knows each other, and each other’s private business. A town where people like to gossip, most likely. On the contrary, there is a certain community spirit in the city. In addition to an abundance of social events to meet people in.

In general, I would advise any of you who are thinking about changing to country living, to think about what you personally will benefit from and how this will have a positive impact on your life. All of us are different & no person is the same. Country vs country living: which is right for you? provides some other factors to take into consideration. Take a piece of paper, and write down the advantages and disadvantages to both. After, weigh up the pros and cons and make your decision. I wish you the best of luck & I’m sure that you will make the best choice for yourself!

48 hours in Brighton: the must-sees!

Brighton is the ideal destination for a city break. Part of the seaside city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England, it is easily accessible by train, plane, ferry or even car. It is a popular destination for expats from the whole world and English citizens who want to avoid the cost of living in London. Among the best attractions, there is the beach, monuments, the night-life, loads of alternative shops and restaurants and particularly sunny weather. Here are our must-sees if you happen to spend 2 days or more in this beautiful city!

Why is Brighton so special?

The best word to describe Brighton is probably “quirky”. The city is charming and unique in its own way. Not only the architecture, but it is also, above everything, the inhabitants who make this place so special. Very open-minded, a lot of expats and artists live there. It is also the gay capital of the UK. Every year, in August, thousands of visitors come from all around the country to enjoy the Pride. It is usual to see people with odd clothes, hair color, or even gait. Indeed, Brighton is a dynamic multi-language ethical mix, famous for its artistic atmosphere. So, you won’t be bored! There is always a festival or an exhibition to visit, or music to listen to in the streets or the pubs. Cinemas, theatres, countless museums, and big event venues…

Brighton is also very green: the protection of the environment is an important matter, and it is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

What are the must-sees?

North Laine

North Laine in Brighton

In the heart of the city, North Laine is without the shadow of a doubt the most alternative part of Brighton. You will find loads of quirky independent shops, vegan cafés, and restaurants, second-hand vintage shops, vinyl collections… The oldest pub in the city is there, the King and Queen. Established in 1779, besides its unique decoration, it is the best place for a cold beer, a nice British meal, and a football game!

Brighton Beach and the Pier

Brighton Pier

The pebble beach is endless and full of people from the first sunshine rays in spring! The Marina, on the eastern extremity of the city, is a nice place to watch the boats and have lunch or a bowling game. On the other extremity, you’ll find the lagoon, with watersports such as kitesurf and canoe. Right in the middle is the Pier. Open almost 24/365 (unless the weather is terrible and the access is dangerous), it is a family or friends’ meeting point to play some fairground games or enjoy sunbathing.

Royal Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion monument

The Royal Pavilion is a very unusual monument to observe in a modern city like Brighton. Indeed, it is an Indo-Chinese architecture monument, built in 1787 as a seaside retreat for king Henry IV. You can visit the inside or just gaze around the lawns to enjoy the spectacular view.

There is too much about Brighton for just one blog article. The best is obviously for you to go and see by yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Tips if you are working from home

Here in the UK, the number of people working from home is rising. As a result of further restrictions, a return to working at the office seems unattainable. Hence, the only solution is to relocate your workspace and finally do what people tell us not to do, mix business and pleasure. What is important to realise is that there are changes that you can make to improve your experience. Here are some that I recommend.

Eat healthily

Dare I say that there can be a benefit to working from home? That is that you have your whole kitchen at your fingertips. As well as having all of your appliances available, you can fill your fridge with fruits to snack on. Take the opportunity to improve your diet. You are no longer confined to the delicacies offered in the staff vending machine (no sarcasm intended!). Try to introduce one of my detox plans into your daily diet, and you will soon reap the benefits. Think of it as creating healthy habits, not restrictions. No more excuses.

Working From Home Exercise

Exercise in between working

As you will undoubtedly be spending more time at home, I don’t recommend working out inside. Instead, exercise should be done outside as much as possible. Spending time outdoors is good for you. The natural sunlight (although we don’t see too much of that here in the UK!) will provide you with essential vitamin D. In addition, staring at a screen for too long can result in a feeling of fatigue. Taking a walk outside will allow your body to reset and will boost your attention span.

You wouldn’t wear your pajamas to the office

Understandably, there is a temptation to wear your loungewear or PJs whilst working from home. The mantra of ‘Dress for the job that you want, not the job you have’ should apply at home as well. Subconsciously, you associate pajamas with relaxing and sleeping. To illustrate my point, you would not wear your pajamas to the office as you are not there to relax. Wearing this to work from home will result in you working slower and being less productive. Instead, get into the right mindset for work, and make the effort to dress as you normally would for the office. Imagine that any day, your manager could call you via video call. How do you want them to see you? Dressed professionally or in your favourite onesie? Impressions count.

Working From Home Dress Impress

Keep in contact – there is more to life than working

In addition to feeling like you are stuck in the house all day, you will most likely miss your coworkers. Social interaction is as important as social distancing. Often, when you work from home, you may feel like a ‘hamster on a wheel’. As humans, we are not designed to live in this way. We need contact with others. Maybe it’s the office gossip that you miss, or simply the feeling of being around other people. But the thing is, your colleagues are only a quick message or Zoom call away. After so much time spent feeling isolated, now is the time to reconnect.

HonestKiss – The best fashion and beauty deals

I am going to tell you all about HonestKiss! It’s a genius website that offers several items from top brands at reduced prices, as well as personalized services. I have tested it in order to make a review for you, and here are my opinions on this new webshop. 

HonestKiss – What is it?

The general concept of the webshop is to allow you to shop both freely without a membership, but also allow you to become a member of the club and get even more exclusive offers. As a member, you’ll have a monthly subscription, and receive gift cards each month. The subscription is non-binding. Each month you’ll receive a gift card code by email, the amount of which corresponds to the value of your subscription. HonestKiss offers great products at a huge discount. And these are really good brands. In addition, when you register for the club you can benefit from a welcome gift box that allows you to discover the products of your choice. 

On the HonestKiss website, you’ll find products within beauty, fashion, makeup, skincare, and accessories (all for both men and women). In addition, you can benefit from personalized services! The club offers several things that are accessible to everyone and that is why it can appeal to a large number of people. As you all know I really enjoy all of these things – and I’ve previously shared a recipe for Oriental wax if that’s something that can interest you. 

My beauty bag

How does it work?

The advantage of the club is that it is easy to use and allows you to enjoy multiple services at the same time. I’ll explain how to proceed to get started on the HonestKiss adventure, and how to take advantage of the many benefits and services available to you.

To get started, you need to register on the HonestKiss website. Go to the menu to enter your personal information using the small form. Following this, you will receive an email from HonestKiss. This email contains your gift card with a code that will allow you to make your purchases on the site. You will have access to products at reduced prices that you’ll find in the category of exclusive offers. Thanks to this gift card you will be able to do your shopping from home!

Then you’ll be able to choose the items you like and add them to your shopping cart. When you go to validate your purchases, you will find a box reserved for your gift card. In it, you just need to write down your HonestKiss gift card code to get your price reduction.

Finally, your order will be delivered within 7-10 working days. It’s not bad! 

Why choose HonestKiss?

The HonestKiss Club offers many advantages and allows you to save money but still get a hold of great products! You can improve your shopping budget with your gift card. You can also share your gift cards with friends and family. It’s also a good idea to use the gift card for gifts. You can get a great gift that no-one would expect at a price you can actually afford. 

Gift Box by HonestKiss

The Gift Boxes

When you register, you can receive a welcome gift box that allows you to discover the products of your choice. In fact, you receive a gift card code by SMS that you need to activate before you can use it on the website. All information is shown in the SMS, and you just need to follow the steps. Very easy! Once your gift card has been activated, you can redeem it by choosing the welcome package of your choice on the HonestKiss website.

The gift boxes are free (excluding delivery costs) and there is a wide range of boxes to ensure that everyone will find something that’s appealing. The boxes are composed of 5 products that you choose according to your preferences. By subscribing to the Club you also have access to all the products at reduced prices. You can get up to 70% discount on the products in the HonestKiss webshop! Crazy right? 

If you wish to unsubscribe, all you have to do is contact customer service by email to request the termination of your subscription which is non-binding. The customer service is friendly and helpful, and when I reached out to them with a couple of questions they got back to me on the same day. That’s something I really can appreciate. 

The Exclusive products of HonestKiss

On the HonestKiss website, you will find different categories that allow you to find products easily and to navigate without getting lost. The club offers products both for men and women in the following categories: fashion items, accessories, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and even sunglasses. In addition, you’ll find makeup and skincare products on their website. They have a personal trainer service and also a personal stylist. I haven’t tried any of those, but I could imagine using the personal stylist for a special occasion. 

You can get a personal stylist at HonestKiss

Contacting their customer service

As we explained above, the HonestKiss customer service is quick to reply by email. I got informed that they are open from Monday to Friday, and that makes sense to me.  

I have contacted them by email for more information a couple of times actually, and they responded to us very quickly and positively! Their answers are complete and clear. They also helped me with the tracking of my package, so I was not disappointed! 

HonestKiss – Something for you too?

Are you also interested in trying out HonestKiss? I am curious to know if you already have tried the concept… If you have already ordered? If you have tested a gift box, please let me know your thoughts and if you were happy. I always love to hear the experience of others. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d advise you to check it out.

Start the year well with a detox plan

A detox plan is a great way to start your new year. We may have over-indulged a little too much during the festive period. We may even have a New Year’s resolution to join the gym. One of the healthiest ways that I have found to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or fitness journey is to detox. After all of the junk food that we have binged on over Christmas, we should focus on ridding ourselves of these unhealthy habits. With this purpose in mind, I want to recommend some of my personal favourite detox secrets with the aim to flush out the stored toxins in your body.

Detox Plan Superfoods Healthy

An effective detox plan demands superfoods

To begin with, remove all of the sugar fuelled treats that you have leftover from Christmas. These cannot be incorporated into your new healthy diet. We must start afresh! For those of you who are not great meat lovers, try a vegan diet for a better digestive condition. On the other hand, if you cannot compromise with your carnivorous ways, there is no need to distress. Fill the new space in your cupboards with more green leafy vegetables, salmon, eggs, berries, nuts, seeds and any other foods which fall into the ‘superfood’ category. The more colourful the food the better. In short, I want your cupboard to represent a rainbow. Replace beiges and browns with vibrant colours and you will soon enough reap the benefits.

Dry January detox

I am sorry to do this to you, but you know that if you want to have more energy in the morning, then you need to give up the alcohol you drank the night before. Equally important as what you eat, is what you drink. Having said that, your liver is one of the key organs that will help you to detox your body. So take care of it! Intend to avoid alcohol in any event and replace with two to four cups of herbal tea, for the first few weeks. In the end, I promise that you will feel the difference. Your liver will also thank you for it too!

Undeniably, green tea should be part of this daily detox diet. Loaded with antioxidants, this will help to break down the food you eat. All in all, resulting in better digestion and boost to weight loss. Similarly, ginger tea is also high in antioxidants and will help to ease digestive discomfort. This tea is so easy to make…simply, infuse dried or fresh pieces of ginger into hot water for a few minutes and enjoy its warming taste. Using the same method, place 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground or powdered turmeric in hot water, but this time leave it to infuse longer, for around 10 minutes. Strain the tea into a mug, and add a little honey for a sweeter taste. Turmeric tea contains antibacterial properties that boost your immune system, whilst reducing inflammation.

Detox Plan Healthy Juices

Replace coffee with fresh juices

On the condition that you drink coffee in moderation, it’s perfectly ok to have the occasional caffeine-fuelled drink. Coffee can help to improve your energy levels. In addition, it can also help you to burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate. On the contrary, it can lead to feeling anxious, restlessness, and dehydration. None of these effects will assist you with your fitness journey. For this reason, I recommend setting yourself an aim to cut back gradually your caffeine intake. Start by opting for a carrot juice instead of your usual cup of coffee with your breakfast. Progressively reducing your coffee consumption from four a day to just one, then to an occasional intake once or twice a week, etc.

If you are searching for some juice ideas then I recommend having some fun and playing around with different fruits and vegetables. With that in mind, it is rare that you will come across a fruit that does not have some benefits for your new healthy lifestyle. Oranges will boost your immune system as they are high in Vitamin C, ginger aids digestion, whilst an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Invest in a quality juicer and experiment with your own juice creations. Wholefully provides us with some great ideas to kickstart our detox.

Travelling during the optimistic new year of 2021

Being French and then moving to the UK, my family always loved travelling. Although I am settled here in the UK, I have missed travelling, like never before.  I long for that feeling to walk down the aisle (no, not that kind!) and jet off to a new destination, to meet new people, to experience a new culture, to see spectacular sights. It is apparent that after living under restrictions for the majority of this year, people want to escape. Searching hopefully towards our freedom returning in 2021, what does the future look like for keen travellers. It fills me with delight to say that there is hope on the horizon!

Travelling New Year 2021 Travel Corridors

Travelling for those of us here in the UK

At present, here in the UK, we have a list of places which we can and cannot travel to. If a country has an R number (used to measure any disease’s ability to spread) below 1, then it is deemed safe to travel to this country. Former times of randomly pointing at a map and deciding that this will be your next destination are temporarily off-limits. At present, people are anxious about travelling. Holidays & flights are constantly being cancelled as the government updates its list.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Airlines including EasyJet have reported a surge in bookings. We’re now excited at the prospect to travel again! Although nothing is definite as of yet, thanks to the introduction of the vaccine, there is hope. The situation looks to be better folks, not worse. Travel companies are seeing the return of bookings to more traditional destinations, rather than those associated with visiting friends & family. For those of you longing to return to the Spanish sunshine, this may be possible by March 2021. After the majority of the vulnerable groups of the population have received the vaccine. Now, where did I put my flip-flops?

Fewer restrictions, more destinations

Within Europe, more destinations are welcoming the return of tourists. We save our money to spend in the destinations we travel to. They want us to spend our money there, so everybody’s happy! If you are searching for the most dependable destinations to travel to 2021, I have some recommendations.

Travelling New Year 2021 Travel Ideas

Mingle in Montenegro

If you are thinking of travelling to Montenegro, you may not need to wait until the new year. Countries which are listed on Montenegro’s ‘green’ list do not require any test to travel there, as it remains open for tourism. Those looking to explore a multicultural European spot filled with magnificent mountains, vibrant monasteries and rich in history, Montenegro is calling you. Montenegro is a notoriously expensive destination to travel to. Take advantage of the cheap flights available right now, which are at a bargain price compared to years previous. Grasp this opportunity and make this your ideal spot for 2021!

Travelling to Croatia

At the moment, you need to present a negative PCR test taken in the 48 hours prior to travelling here. Understandably, Croatia has taken the precautions necessary to protect themselves. Despite this fact, Croatia has always been so welcoming to tourism, allowing entry for most foreign travellers. This is evident in the people you meet there like the warm welcome you receive when you arrive at your small and family-run hotel. If you enjoy hiking then I recommend the Saucony Paklenica Trail. Providing you with a beautiful landscape overlooking Croatia’s promise land, filled with natural beauty.


After months of cabin fever, I think that 2021 should be the year to take that trip of a lifetime! Forget the mini breaks, we have gone long enough without travelling around this wonderful world of ours. So instead, book the trip that you were saving for the future & let us live in today, not tomorrow.

Christmas jumper day 2020 – a charitable cause

Christmas jumper day is an annual event where people wear a festive Christmas jumper to work, school, etc, during one day of the year. This may seem like a strange concept for those of you residing in other countries but here in the UK, it is a big event. Shops stock up their supply of Christmas jumpers in preparation for this day, falling this year on the 11th of December. There is however a very good cause behind it. You yourself, or a family member, donate £2 to the Save the Children charity. The money raised is then donated to children in need all across the world.

Christmas Jumper Day Charity Help

Buy a cheap Christmas jumper and offer your money to a better cause

If you have misplaced your last Christmas jumper which is probably lying in storage somewhere, then please don’t spend a lot of your money on a new top-notch jumper. A much better idea is to donate this money to the charity and instead look for a cheap jumper that can be altered if required (I will tell you more about this later).

As I mentioned before “A tiny gesture can go a long way”. This is your way to help an association in need.

Firstly, I recommend browsing your local charity, or second-hand shop. Here you will be sure to find a bargain at a snippet of the prices available on the high street. Failing that, I’ve sought some of the cheapest Christmas jumpers available online based on the most important aspect of price.

On our trusted favourites eBay & Amazon, you can pick up a second-hand Christmas jumper from as little as £0.01! All you will need to pay is the postage. Wowcher finds deals available on the web. If you become a member, you will benefit from these daily offers. Create alerts for any offers relating to Christmas jumpers, and you may find a real bargain!

Christmas Jumper Day Upcycle

Upcycle an old jumper – get crafty

The whole meaning behind this date is charity. So instead of buying a new jumper, why not upcycle one of your old ones lying in your wardrobe. The charity itself provides some affordable means of how you can do this.

One of the ways they suggest is by knitting your own Christmas jumper. This may seem like a hobby only your grandma partakes in but this year with most of us having more free time at home, why not make the most of this time and engage in a new hobby. It doesn’t have to be knitting. If you or someone you know owns a sewing machine then grab some old fabrics together and start making your own unique creation. I recommend using materials made from natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and linen. This will create a much more breathable material and will always wear well over time.

Last year over 4 million people in the UK took part in Christmas jumper day. A cheerful way of raising money for a worthy cause. Anybody can take part and donate. So embrace your creative side and design your own original Christmas jumper. One of a kind, just like you!

Black Friday during a nationwide lockdown

As I am sure you are well aware by now, most European countries are living under some form of restrictions placed by their Government due to Covid 19. Here in the UK, Boris Johnson has recently announced that restrictions will be eased from the 2nd December in certain parts of the country. This seems a little too late considering that at the moment, we are only permitted to purchase essential items. So amongst this pandemic, how can we really benefit from the offers which Black Friday brings?

Black Friday – but only for your fruit & veg

Some of you may have seen the hilarious video of the man in Whales who recently walked into a supermarket wearing only his boxers. The reason behind this stunt was because the current rules state that clothes are not considered as ‘essential’. In recent times, the press has issued articles about supermarkets removing ‘non-essential’ items from their shelves. The whole intention behind it is to discourage people from entering the store, unless it is to buy the necessary items such as food, etc.

In spite of the rationale behind this rule, I can’t help but wonder how businesses are going to suffer even further. In years gone by, Black Friday has always been a notoriously huge event. Crowds of people battled with security and other bargain hunters to get their hands on TVs, consoles, and all other kinds of gadgets. Last year, fights even erupted! Everyone wants to get hold of these incredible offers. Especially considering that Christmas is just around the corner. Why wait longer if you know that you can buy the product for half the price on Black Friday?

Friday 27 November – Save the date

The date is looming! Black Friday is approaching…except, houston we have a problem! In the UK, the high street is officially closed. For the first time ever, Black Friday will be held completely online.

Black Friday Online Christmas Offers


It’s not all bad news though. To entice customers, businesses have launched deals earlier to entice customers. I have already started to search for the best deals now. For the reason that if I wait, all of the top deals will be gone by the time Cyber Monday arrives. Get the upper hand and make your purchases early! Already, I have seen astounding deals including £200 off the iPhone 11. These deals are unlikely to be reduced further on Black Friday. In 2020, this event no longer consists of just one day.  It’s a whole week of offers, reductions, and opportunities to spend your hard-earned cash.

Speaking of great deals, if you want an absolute steal, remember the exciting Gift Box  I told you about before where you can claim a free gift box of 5 cosmetic products. Honest Kiss has now introduced an amazing Black Friday Gift Box including free Nars, Lancôme, Givenchy & L’Occitane products. If you haven’t already taken advantage of their trial offer since my last post, head over to their website and take a look!

The best Black Friday offers available

As you all well know by now, I am passionate about staying fit and healthy. For those of you like myself, who like to knock spots off your latest step count, Argos has reduced the price of the FitBit Charge 4 from £129.99 to £99.99. A great saving to go into the new year fighting fit.

FitBit Fitness Healthy Lifestyle Walking

Whilst we are still in lockdown, why not try some baking? I love to create new recipes with my stand mixer. This piece pays for itself. As on the Great British Bake Off, you can be just like Mary Berry. Rustling up some delicious cakes this Christmas. BBC GoodFood highlights some of the best mixers available on the market. Stand mixers are infamously expensive. This article highlights which brand to invest your money in, depending on factors such as capacity, versatility, and most importantly, value for money. Check out which ones they recommend, and track down those offering a Black Friday discount.

During my latest trip to Georgia, it became apparent that I needed to invest in some new suitcases. However, being the penny pincher that I am, until the wheels literally fall off the thing, I will not buy another. Having said that, Samsonite’s exclusive Black Friday sale has introduced up to 70% discount off their FLUX collection. With a trusted brand like Samsonite, I can be sure that this will not simply be a purchase but more of an investment. Accompanying me on the many adventures to come. Keep checking my blog to see which destination I head to next!

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