Snorkeling is an activity in expansion. I’ve never wanted to go to the zoo or to an aquarium. In my opinion, they are cruel. To see wildlife, I think we have to find the most respectful way possible. I love going to safaris, hikes or birds observatories. I hadn’t discovered snorkeling until recently and I now love it! The richness of marines fauna is incredible. You can almost feel like you’re one of them or even a mermaid!

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling consists in staying at the surface of the sea with a mask and a snorkel, this small tube to breathe. This way, you can observe marine life under you without diving. It is the easiest way to do so.

Why snorkeling?

Some people might wonder why snorkeling and not diving as we have always done before. I, for example, am not able to dive. I just can not breathe with the bottles and I suffocate quickly. Also, going too deep hurt my ears even if I try everything to release the pressure.

This is why snorkeling is a perfect solution. I can enjoy myself as much but without all the inconvenience. It is true that you won’t see all the species you can see diving, but it is a perfectly good alternative. You don’t have to go far from the shore or carry a heavy bottle. Neither do you need special equipment? In fact, you just need your bikini and your mask and snorkel! It is accessible to everyone and everywhere.

Best spots in the world

snorkeling sea fish

It is possible to snorkel on every continent. All of them have their specialties. Among the best snorkeling spots in the world, The Maldives often come first. Indeed, this is the home of many shark and big species. It is very famous as well to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia. The corals there are unique! To sum up, every island is a very good option.

My best memory

My best experience of snorkeling was 2 years ago during my first trip to Costa Rica. I went on a day tour around Corcovado park and it was stunning. We left early in the morning and did 3 sessions in different places. We immediately saw many turtles and thousands of fish. Blue, yellow, small, big… It was incredible.

At some point, I left the group a little and went somewhere quieter. I had the chance to see 2 small sharks! Similarly, the corals were beautiful and colorful. It truly felt like they were dancing. And I was consequently part of the dance. We even had the chance to see dolphins and a whale on the boat trip back to the hostel just after we left!

In conclusion, snorkeling is one of the best ways to observe wildlife. Indeed, it is a family activity. Overall, it is very budget-friendly. It is usually possible to rent the equipment on the beach or your hotel. If you like my adventures such as this one, you can read about them all here!

What about you? Have you tried snorkeling? What did you see?