As you know, I am a sensation seeker! For this reason, when I was in New Zealand, I could not miss the Skywire Zipline. The country offers countless ziplines, on both main islands. All of them will leave you with unforgettable memories. But for me the Skywire has been a revelation: in fact, it is the only one you can do with your friends! Indeed, up to four people can go down side by side and this is what makes it so special to me. What is better than sharing your best adventures with your friends? 

What is a zipline

A zipline is composed of a cable and a pulley. A rider is safely attached with a harness and then pushed down. This is not as impressive as bungee jumping but still gives you chills! I love it and I recommend it to everyone, kids and families as well. There are so many all around the world, you can choose the speed and altitude.

Where to find ziplines

You can find zip lines all over the world, on every continent. Nowadays, it is a very successful activity. The most famous ones are probable in Costa Rica and New Zealand. In Puerto Rico, you can find the longest in America, El Monstruo! Will you dare?

The Skywire Zipline

skywire zipline

Now starts the fun! The Skywire zipline is located in Nelson, on the South Island.  It is recommended and easy to book your tour on their website. They are very convenient and can arrange a pick up and drop off point from town. It is very good when like us you don’t have your own car!

You will first reach the base of Cable Bay Adventure Park. There you will find a café and souvenirs. Toilets are also available. You will then start a 4 km ride through the native forest to the top of the sky wire. You can completely enjoy this ride: I was in the window seat and did not miss anything! The guide explains everything about the forest and the park.

When you reach the top, you stay in groups of 4. Our turn is coming! After a safety speech, the four of us take place on the sky wire. I was expecting the harness to be uncomfortable, like it is usually, but not at all. They count until 3 and … Let’s go !!

WOW! At first, we go high speed. The sensation is amazing! We are screaming and laughing at the time. Then we speed down, and we can enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The view is stunning. The trees are tall and so green. Before you can think, it is over. Oh, no! We are doing all over again, backward! Such a good surprise.


Some zip lines are longer, others faster, but this one is particularly amazing. It is a great feeling to share it with your friends. You enjoy the speed, as well as the scenery. Definitely in my top 10 best adventures (along with my Death Road experience)!

What about you? Do you like extreme adventures? Do you want to try the Skywire Zipline?