Every year, Brighton’s LGBT Pride takes place on the first weekend of August. Although it is officially a Friday to Sunday event, festivities last more than a week. The city is packed with thousands of visitors coming from all over Europe. It is without the shadow of a doubt the main and busiest weekend of the year. I was living in Cornwall, and with my friends, we’ve never missed one single pride! Below you can find out about my experience and why you should go at least once in your life.

What LGBT Pride is fighting for

LGBT is an initialism and represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Nowadays, I feel like it happens more and more to read in the newspaper about homophobic aggressions. These criminal acts are unforgivable and education is still necessary. It is also true that the more we take care of our own happiness, the more acts of love we do in the world.

Pride celebrates the LGBT community and, in general, love. It aims to remind everyone that we’re all equal, with the right to love whoever we want and that violence doesn’t solve anything. In my opinion, it is also an incredible celebration of life. I have spent the best moments of my life during Pride.

Brighton’s LGBT Pride

lgbt pride defile

Brighton LGBT pride is the biggest in the UK, for that reason it is divided into two parts: Preston Park and Saint James Street, in the centre. You need to buy a ticket (wristband) if you want to enter. You have the choice between park+centre, only one of them or even a VIP ticket which gives you access to private parties. More information is available on the official website.

Preston park

In this park, the biggest in the city takes place all the live music events. Every year celebrities and less famous artists give a show, such as Britney Spears in 2018 or Kylie Minogue last year. All day long, you can gaze as you want from one tent to another and just listen to music, dance, drink and just have fun! I love sitting in the grass with a beer and watching all the people wearing colourful outfits.

Saint James Street

This street is the heart of Kemptown, the gay neighbourhood of the city. After the traditional outdoor parade, everyone meets there, the vibrant point of the celebrations. Obviously, it is packed! In my opinion, it is better if you know what to expect. Then, at noon, start the festivities. Bars and clubs play music in the street, and everyone dances, eats and drinks.

Even if the weather is not always hot and synonym, it does not discourage anyone. People are not afraid to be cold to show their most beautiful costumes! It is such a mix of colours, glitters and fancy disguise!

To sum up, attending LGBT pride means having fun for a good cause! I recommend you book your hostel in advance because the city becomes very busy and full months before. Also, bring kids and all your family!

What about you? Have you ever been to a pride? In which city? If not, are you now considering it?