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Amsterdam, my first impressions

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and, in my opinion, one of its most beautiful cities. Its canals, its particular structure, its museums and monuments will make us fall in love. It would be difficult in an article that will tell everything that can be seen in this city. However, I will tell you the main details and places that have impressed me on my first visit.

Amsterdam and its canals

It is one of the most particular things in this city, they remind us of Venice and the reflection of light in the water at night is simply beautiful. If you are lucky enough to get a boat, you can navigate them, although I recommend walking them or using a bicycle to get around them all.

Amsterdam's canals

They go around the city in an almost circular way, making our walks around Amsterdam a continuous up and down of the bridges that cross it.

Amsterdam’s famous bicycles

As I said, you can take a bicycle to visit the city. What’s more, it is even an obligation, since bicycles are all over Amsterdam and it is the best means of transport. It is not difficult to rent a bicycle and you can park anywhere.

Cycle paths

If you go to Amsterdam, you will see that the bike lanes are more common than the roads and the traffic in the city center is not a nuisance. They run throughout the city as if they were a subway line. Pay attention to respect the rules of the road! Traffic is heavy!

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

One of the biggest attractions in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank house. This is the Annex, the one we read in her famous diary, and it is perfectly preserved. It is very difficult to enter that house without feeling chills knowing what has happened. However, you have to plan the visit well in advance, as it is much better to make a reservation than to have to queue. For example, I had to wait more than two hours until I could enter because I had no reservation.

The journal

In the museum that is inside the Anne Frank house, we can find the original of the newspaper in which she began to write in 1942. A red and white notebook that is well protected to the delight of all visitors.

Other interesting places in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is surrounded by parks on the outskirts of the center that will delight young and old. The one I most recommend visiting is, without a doubt, the Vondelpark. The perfect place to make a break during a summer day. 


It is known to all that Amsterdam is full of museums. However, the one that everyone says to visit without fail is the Rijksmuseum. A very large building where you can see great artistic works.

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam’s pubs & bars

Finally, we cannot be in Amsterdam without stopping at one of its particular bars. We all know what is special about these bars, I only advise you not to take the bicycle after going inside one of them. It is not recommended.

Honest Kiss review: new world of Fashion & Beauty

Honest Kiss – Review: New World of Fashion & Beauty

One day when I was mindlessly scrolling, Honest Kiss appeared, and I was immediately intrigued by their magical world. I can now say, I am completely stuck! If you, like me, love fashion and beauty, keep reading! I’ll explain the concept, how to take advantage of unbeatable prices, and my thoughts on Honest Kiss.


A winning concept for all beauty & fashion enthusiasts

Honest Kiss offers a new magical world in fashion and beauty and their concept is very simple. You become a member of their club and get a gift card to use on a gift box which is completely free (excluding shipping costs). After that, you receive a new gift card every month in the form of a gift code. It can be used on the website, where you’ll find well-known brands at incredibly low prices. The membership comes at a great price and there’s no lock-in contract so you can end the service whenever you want. I can almost guarantee that you’ll want to stay once you’ve looked at through the site and seen all the great products!

In addition, the gift cards don’t have an expiration date, so you can save them and use them when it suits you! Great if, for example, you’re not feeling too keen on shopping one month (but when does that really happen…?).

One of the best aspects of a subscription like this is that you get a unique opportunity to discover new products from your favorite brands but also other well-known brands that you might not have tried otherwise, maybe they’re too expensive normally. 

By the way, if you are as interested in fashion as I am, then besides from reading more about Honest Kiss here below, you can also read the articles I wrote about 5 fashion fact you probably did not know!


Donate your clothes, get money back and help the environment

honest kiss donation

What I like most about Honest Kiss is their brand new concept. In which, you as a member get the opportunity to donate clothes you’ve bought from their shop to a charity of your choice. Once you feel you don’t need them any longer that is (at least six months from the time you bought them). This way, you can do a good deed and also help reduce fast fashion, which has become very big in today’s “wear and tear” society.

But it doesn’t end there! You also get money back in the form of a gift card, with the same value of the products you bought the garment for from Honest Kiss. This way you can continue to buy fashion and beauty at very low prices! What could possibly be better than that?

For me, this is what distinguishes them and makes their concept innovative and so right! Despite the fact that there’s a lot of talk today about sustainability and caring for our environment and resources, this concept is very new and not something I have seen other websites offer.


Other Gift Card Services

If you’re not keen on spending your money on beauty products or fashion, you can use your gift cards on other services. Such as streaming, music and podcasts, magazines or e-books. Among others, you can try Netflix, HBO, Disney+ or Storytell. I tried the last one last month as I love reading and it was very easy! A big advantage was that I could test the service for a month without having to think about getting stuck with a recurring service. My next choice will be Netflix. I’m probably one of the last people who’s not already a member… It feels very safe to do it this way since I don’t have to give them any of my account info.

If you want to use the gift card to improve your health, Honest Kiss gives you the chance to hire a personal trainer! An excellent idea in my opinion! You get a tailored exercise and diet plan made to fit your needs and you’re guaranteed results!

Or maybe you’re more focused on changing your wardrobe or need some help with styling? You can use your gift card for a consultation with a personal stylist! Who doesn’t need some advice and tips on styling or upgrading your wardrobe? 


The exciting Gift Box

honest kiss giftbox

When I peeked through the website and decided to join the club, I also got to choose a free gift box with 5 products. There’s so many to choose from and the products are truly top-notch! I chose a box with products from Hawaiian Tropic when summer was right around the corner. And what a great choice! The products I received were full size and now I can protect my skin all summer.

But there are many other options for the gift boxes. Everything from boxes for pregnant women to products for picnics and grilling. The opportunity to create your own gift box is also available, which could be an interesting alternative! The instructions on how to order it were very clear and the delivery went so smoothly! I could enjoy my products shortly after I ordered the box and that’s something I value.


My absolute favorites from Honest Kiss

As I mentioned, there is a plethora of both beauty and fashion products to buy, but also accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. So it’s not easy to choose my favorites products among all those available. Since I was young I’ve been particularly interested in beauty and over the years I’ve found my top 3: Lancôme, Clarins, and Estée Lauder. I was so happy when I saw all my favorites brands at a lower price!

My three favorite products so far are:

  1. Lancome Matte Shaker – gives a lovely color to the lips and brightens even the grayest day.
  2. Estée Lauder Double Wear Fluid Foundation – my daily base, great for summer and winter. It’s available in so many different skin tones. It also lasts really well!
  3. Clarins Eyebrow Pencil – another product I use daily. It’s easy to use and perfect for everyday make-up. 

In addition to these three products, there’s of course many, many, more that I love.

The longer I’m a member, the more products I’ll discover. I’m sure I’ll have hundreds of favorites in the end!  

Honest Kiss inspires to discover new products

Not only do they have products under every category but also tips on products for different occasions. You will find categories such as Sweet and Honest or Hidden Beauty. I really think it’s a smart idea! Thanks to this, I’ve found new products that will now be part of my daily collection. Like the eyebrow stencils from Artdeco, they’ve really helped me make absolutely perfect eyebrows!

Another absolutely lovely discovery for me is the Dolce & Gabbana perfume Dolce Garden. I loved their second fragrance, Dolce so it was really fun to find a new favorite.

Of course, there’s also a large selection of products for men in the same categories as for women. If you’re looking for a birthday present for a friend, boyfriend, dad, brother or maybe cousin, you’ll definitely find something for them. And sometimes it can be just as fun, if not more, to get something nice to someone else, right?


Why I like Honest Kiss

honest kiss kids

So to sum it all up, I had a very positive experience with Honest Kiss and will without a doubt continue my subscription. Through this new world, I’ve gotten to know new brands and found new favorites. Which are just some of the many reasons why I think this is a winning concept. I even look forward to donating my used clothes to a new owner. But for now, I want to use the clothes I got a little longer, so that will have to wait! But I love to have the possibility to do something good and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that!

I’d definitely recommend Honest Kiss to anyone who wants to shop well-known brands at amazing prices. There’s something for everyone! A subscription like this is an excellent idea that they’ve perfected with ease and without strange, fine print conditions! In short, it’s well worth a visit. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s as good of an idea as I think!



The Hummingbird Bakery – a must visit

If you have a sweet tooth just like me and are always on the lookout for new places to try I can highly recommend The Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill! It’s without a doubt one of my favourite spots in all of London for a coffee and a piece of cake! Don’t miss it next time you travel there. 

Where it all began

In 2004 the first Hummingbird Bakery opened on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. The idea was to bake cupcakes and other sweet treats according to American tradition. Something which could not be found in London at that point. The founder, Tarek, was very keen on providing cake and cupcakes that tasted homemade and that is still the key today! That is why every bakery has its own kitchen where the magic happens! 

The Hummingbird Bakery a story of success

Oh boy have they succeeded! The cupcakes at The Hummingbird Bakery are out of this world and so are the rest of their cakes. Today they have five other branches around London and one in Surrey. And they are so successful that they have now also opened two branches in Dubai. I’m pretty sure they will be taking over the whole world soon! 

What not to miss 

I have probably tried most (if not all) of the cupcakes and other cakes at The Hummingbird Bakery. And my absolute favourite is their Red Velvet Cupcake. This is a classic american flavor and their recipe is just perfect. The subtle hint of chocolate in the sponge cake and the fluffy cream cheese frosting makes it unbeatable! You should not miss this if you stop by any of their shops when you are visiting London. 

My other favourite is the Black Bottom Cupcake. It has a rich chocolate sponge as a base filled with cream cheese and cream cheese frosting to top it off. The perfect way to really indulge. 

If you’re feeling a bit peckish but you don’t want something quite as filling as a cupcake I’d recommend that you go for brownie. They might actually be equally as filling as a cupcake but give them a try, they are delicious!

The Hummingbird bakery - a must visit. Don't miss this when you are in London. Delicious cakes and cupcakes for the sweet tooth.

Bake your own cupcakes with The Hummingbird Bakery

If you are not able to travel to London at the moment to try the delicacies at The Hummingbird Bakery, don’t despair! You can make the cakes at home instead! The bakery has created various cookbooks that you can easily order online and have delivered to your door! How great is that?! If you are interested in baking your own cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery here’s the link to order the book:

They don’t only offer the cookbooks in their shop, you can also get a lot of fun utensils to make you a pro baker in no time! If you’re getting one of the cookbooks you should also get the cupcake starter kit, that really goes without saying. 

All in all, a place you really should try when visiting London if you have a sweet tooth. It will not disappoint! And be sure to get a copy of their cookbook because you will be craving the cupcakes even when you get back home!

When you have been indulging in a few cakes or cupcakes you might feel like you want to move a bit, check out my article on my home workout and healthy food for inspiration!

Volunteering: my experience and why you should do it

I decided to volunteer for personal reasons but there are several ways to do it and to get involved. Before I tell you about my experience, I would like to explain you the benefits about volunteering in general.

Volunteering: why?


Volunteering prepares people for the real work. It allows you to develop new skills and gain experience in certain fields. It allows you to add new experiences to your CV and expand your professional network. Also, volunteering will allow you to gain autonomy and team spirit.


You will enjoy discovering new things and strengthening your self-esteem. Volunteering allows you to meet new people and broaden your horizons. You will feel useful and get to know yourself better. If you are volunteering abroad you will have the opportunity to learn a new language. It is a different form of learning to adapt to changes, to improve your communication skills.

For the cause

Work to improve things and help others to improve the community, that is what volunteering is. You are free to choose when, where, to make a difference and be part of positive change. Feel useful to the community!

Try the volunteering experience

Travelling, meeting new people, learning new skills … volunteering has only positive points. Therefore, it will take you out of your routine, discover other universes and allow you to open up to the outside world. Some organizations offer you to volunteer in different countries, often for humanitarian actions. There is also Wwoofing, another way of integrating a farm in exchange for accommodation and meals. You can help in the education for children. Experience in another country can also make you realize the real situation outside your world. You will face a reality that you do not know and change the way you see certain things. It’s also a great way to gain self-confidence and boost yourself. A new way to build and assert yourself.

Volunteering teacher

My experiences

I had the chance to volunteer in two different countries of South America. This is for me the best way to combine new rich experiences on budget travel, and to be happy in my life.

First, I did one month in a wildlife animal sanctuary. It was incredible to be so close to animals such as pumas, condors and even snakes. The best part was setting them free after they received all their treatment: it was a wonderful feeling. Everyone is undeniably a bit sad, but we know we did a good job and this is the most important.

Second, I volunteered in a school for poor families. The kids were so grateful and this is an experience I will never forget. I spent the days giving English lessons and playing games with them. It is this occasion that you realize how lucky you’ve been growing up in a country like England.


Volunteering is an incredibly rich experience and your share more than a room with your colleagues. I strongly recommend you do give it a go! You can start with a one-week mission or even go for a full year!

Arfak Mountains: adventure in West Papua

Some time ago I traveled to West Papua in Indonesia to visit the Arfak Mountains. This turned out to be exactly the kind of adventure I was looking for. If you have an inner adventurer and enjoy visiting remote and rural areas, this is something you should try. 


There is something utter fascination about visiting remote areas where people have a different way of life. At least, that is how I feel. For a while I had a dream to visit the Papua island, and when I met a friend of a friend who was born there, I was very interested to know more. Papua is a very big island and hosts many tribes and areas that are vastly different. This friend had a cousin situated in the town Manokwari, near the Arfak Mountains. This cousin had some sort of a connection to the chief of one of the villages up there, and was able to arrange for me to visit. I was so excited and I had no idea what to expect!

The trip through the forest – a bumpy ride

In order to access this area, one must find someone with a four-wheel drive that is willing to drive up the mountain and through the forest. The trip takes around 5-6 hours and it is a very bumpy ride and somewhat expensive. There is no actual road going there, most of the way takes places on a cleared path in the forest. Occasionally through small rivers and other obstacles. If I haven’t made it clear yet, this is a very remote area. After driving for what can feels like a very long time given the conditions, you will see a clearing and a lake. The remoteness of this place in a way reminds me of my trip to Bolivia.

The village life in the Arfak Mountains

The traditional houses of the mountains there are built on poles. They go by the name of thousand-foot which paints a good picture of their design. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. Life is primitive giving the remote nature of the place, but the Indonesian government had built more modern houses for the people there. Only problem: they don’t want to use them because of the cold. Yes, the Arfak area is quite cold as we are around 3000 m above sea level. Bring a sweater and prepare to be without cell reception. Walk around the lake, observe what the locals do or ask if you can help them harvest their delicious pineapples. 


durian fruit

Make sure to have a bit of time to visit Manokwari as well. They have a delicious street food market near the harbour and high quality durian fruit – if that is something you want to try.

I suggest you visit Indonesia’s official travel guide regarding West Papua. 

How to get to West Papua from anywhere in the world

In order to get to the Arfak Mountains, you must land in Manokwari from where you have to find a driver. You can fly to Manokwari from several major airports in Indonesia counting Jakarta, Surabaya and many local airports within Papua. 

Brooklyn: an exciting borough to visit

If you have planned a trip to New York I have a few recommendations for you that you shouldn’t miss. I love New York, it’s my favorite city in the world (so far). I think it doesn’t matter how many times you go there, you’ll always have something new to discover! Brooklyn: an exciting borough in New York and I spent a lot of time there during my visit to the city earlier this year. I have gathered a few tips here and why I think Brooklyn is worth your time!

A short walk from Manhattan 

Manhattan in all its glory is of course fabulous but there is something very charming with walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and ending up in the wonderful borough that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Brooklyn is an exciting borough and there is no shortage of places to go and things to see. It is a hip borough with a lot of focus on fashion and food.

Small independent shops with great quality goods

When strolling on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn you will come across a large number of cute small shops all owned by local people. I absolutely love this! Everything they sell is handmade in a small scale and of great quality! If you are looking for a unique gift for someone you love you’ll without a doubt find what you’re looking for here! One shop which caught my eye and where I couldn’t stop myself from splurging was Line and Label! Luckily they also sell their products online: check out Line&Label here!

Brooklyn an exciting borough to visit. Great places to eat. Visit a rooftop bar for n amazing view of Manhattan or shop in one of the small shops.

Brooklyn: an exciting borough with wonderful food

There are plenty of choices and food from every corner of the planet in Brooklyn just as in the rest of New York City but I actually like that everything is on a smaller scale here. The restaurants are smaller and that means the service is much better! 

If you are looking for a great brunch spot you agev come to the right place! In the Williamsburg neighbourhood there are an unlimited amount of options for the one who wants to eat waffles and pancakes like a true New Yorker! Don’t miss Sunday in Brooklyn just next to the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Brooklyn an exciting borough with amazing rooftop bars

What also makes Brooklyn an exciting borough is that it has great rooftop bars to enjoy a good cocktail and the best skyline of Manhattan. You’ll definitely see the skyline much better from here than any rooftop bar in Manhattan! My favourite one is Westlight, which you can find on 111 N 12th St on the 22nd floor. This bar offers a spectacular view of Manhattan and also Brooklyn. The food and drinks are also amazing. Do make sure you reserve a spot as it gets very busy and you don’t want to miss out! 

Ice cream at the fireboat house 

When you are strolling through the streets you will soon realize why Brooklyn is an exciting borough. One of the things you shouldn’t miss is having an ice cream at the Brooklyn based creamery Ample Hill. There are various locations all around but my favorite one is the onel located just by the water at the firebout house! You have to try the peaches and cream, it’s summer in an ice cream scoop!

Are you interested in visiting France I’d recommend you to read my article about France here!

France: what to know to spend the best holidays

I was born in France, close to the border with Switzerland. Therefore, it is natural that I’m very attached to this country. It will forever be my home and half of my family still live there, near Lyon. French can look a bit rude at first but once you get to know them, they are incredible people. The country is big and has many differences between all the regions, so in this article I will just talk quickly about the main things you need to know and to do. 

Cities and Monuments in France

france chamonix

In France, we are lucky to have the sea as well as the mountains. In my opinion, these few cities are the ones you can not miss:

  • Paris

The capital, the city of love It is essential for you to stop there. I would suggest staying a minimum a week. Be ready to walk a lot: the city is very big! There is so much to visit. The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the Tuileries garden, The Champs Elysées… If you have time you can also visit the Louvre Museum with the best masterpieces in the world. Besides, if you like museums, you’ll find tons in Paris.

  • Annecy

In the Alps mountains and very close to Switzerland, Annecy is a fancy city. Its lake is the main attraction but you will also love its culinary diversity. You can enjoy to take a day tour to Geneva and be on time to eat a delicious fondue in the small pedestrian centre at night.

  • Lyon

In the centre-east of the country, Lyon is very eclectic. It is a student city as well as the gastronomic capital of France. Enjoy a stroll along the Quais du Rhône and a fun night out in one of the many bars or clubs. Have diner in one of the Brasseries of Paul Bocuse, one of the world’s best cook. My favourite is the south one. I also like to party close to Bellecour, the heart of the city.

  • Marseille

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Côte d’Azur. In my opinion, the best of France! Marseille is full of monuments and I love the fact that the sun is always shining. Visit the old port and eat fresh fish in an old cute restaurant.

Local French food
France food cheese wine

Of course, we all know that one of the best thing of France is: the food! Nothing to envy to our Spanish neighboors!

Cheese, wine, patries, bread, meat, cakes… I could just spend days and days eating. My all-time favourite treat is the macarons! Every time I go back, the first thing I do is to stop in the bakery to buy a full box. You have every flavour you want. Red wine is amazing and so tasteful accompanied by good cheese.


To sum up, France has everything you need to spend good holidays. If you don’t have too much time, choose carefully where you want to go but anyway, you won’t be disappointed.

What about you? Have you ever been to France? What is your favourite food speciality?

Fashion worldwide: 5 facts you (probably) didn’t know!

Do you ever think about why you choose the clothes you wear? Maybe – maybe not. Many of the clothes, shoes and accessories we wear today have an interesting background story. Fashion houses do not always invent their designs out of thin air. Many times the inspiration comes from some very unrelated angles.  As I have traveled the world, I have thought more and more about the origin of these trends. Here I have found 5 facts that will probably surprise you.

  1.  High heels: invented in Persia

    Originally, it was men who wore high heels. It was not for the sake of sight, instead they had a function. The heels helped to ensure that men were firmly seated in the stirrups when riding a horse. They were introduced into the fashion world around the 17th century. Eventually, this trend found its way into women’s clothing, and men stopped wearing high heels. It’s funny to think that high heels originally had a practical function. Today, it is the fewest high heels that can be considered practical, and they exist primarily for the aesthetic appeal.

  2. The corset – fashion created by the “influencers” of the time

    In the past, there was a certain high-ranking group in society that had a great deal of influence on various trends. The royal families around Europe were the influencers of that time. 


    Although the corset originally came from Italy, it was in France that it gained significant popularity among the court. Although the corset is basically a piece of underwear, it has from time to time made its way onto the fashion scene as an independent piece of clothing.If you are interested in Europe, you can check my article about traveling in eastern Europe here.

  3. Do Cowboy boots come from the USA?

    It would be logical to conclude the United States as the origin of the cowboy boot. Anyone who has seen a western movie has probably noticed the iconic boots. But this type of boots actually originated in Spain, where shepherds and other horsemen used them.

  4.  Medieval shoes were very long

    Whether shoes should be long and pointy changes with time. However, it is in no way comparable to what shoes should look like in the Middle Ages. At one point, men walked around with shoes so long that they were over 50 cm! When speaking of impractical clothing, this is a good example. It is not only today’s fashion that is impractical; In the past, there were many strange trends that make today’s clothes look boring.

  5. The influence of the military on fashion

    military influence on fashion… And no, I’m not thinking of camouflage clothing, which is quite obviously a military inspiration. In fact, this influence goes much deeper. A good example is the popular trench coat. A brand called Aquascutum produced clothing for the military during the Crimean War. The design consisted of a practical jacket, which we know today as a trench coat. It was later Burberry that made this type of light jacket popular. In addition, it is also worth mentioning the classic Rayban Aviator sunglasses. The inspiration behind these iconic shades comes from military goggles designed to protect  pilots from sunlight. During the 1930s, more advanced aircrafts were invented and they were able to fly at higher altitudes. This gave rise to a new problem which was solved by flying goggles in this form. Read more about military and fashion here.



Snorkeling: what to know and where to go

Sea snorkeling is an activity in expansion. I’ve never wanted to go to the zoo or to an aquarium. In my opinion, they are cruel. To see wildlife, I think we have to find the most respectful way possible. I love going to safaris, hikes or birds observatories. I hadn’t discovered snorkeling until recently and I now love it! The richness of marines fauna is incredible. You can almost feel like you’re one of them, or even a mermaid!

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling consists in staying at the surface of the sea with a mask and a snorkel, this small tube to breathe. This way, you can observe the marine life under you without diving. It is the easiest way to do so.

Why snorkeling?

Some people might wonder why snorkeling and not diving like we have always done before. I, for example, am not able to dive. I just can not breathe with the bottles and I suffocate quickly. Also, going too deep hurt my ears even if I try everything to release the pressure. This is why snorkeling is a perfect solution. I can enjoy as much but without all the inconvenients. It is true that you won’t see all the species you can see diving, but it is a perfectly good alternative. You don’t have to go far from the shore or carry a heavy bottle. Neither do you need special equipment. In fact, you just need your bikini and your mask and snorkel! It is accessible to everyone and everywhere.

Best spots in the world

snorkeling sea fish

It is possible to snorkel in every continent. All of them has their specialities. Among the best snorkeling spots in the world, The Maldives often come first. Indeed, this is the home of many shark and big species. It is very famous as well to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia. The corals there are unique! To sum up, every island is a very good option.

My best memory

My best experience of snorkel was 2 years ago during my first trip to Costa Rica. I went to a day tour around Corcovado park and it was stunning. We left early in the morning and did 3 sessions in different places. We immediately saw many turtles, and thousands of fish. Blue, yellow, small, big… It was incredible. At some point I left the group a little and went somewhere quieter. I had the chance to see 2 small sharks! Similarly, the corals were beautiful and colourful. It truly felt like they were dancing. And I was consequently part of the dance. We even had the chance to see dolphins and a whale on the boat trip back to the hostel just after we left!


In conclusion, snorkeling is one of the best way to observe wildlife. Indeed, it is a family activity. Overall, it is very budget friendly. It is usually possible to rent the equipment on the beach or your hotel. If you like my adventures such as this one, you can read about them all here!

What about you? Have you tried snorkeling? What did you see?

Learn to be happy in your life

Always thinking about the future, about the best we could have, we often forget to be happy. If we always try to improve things, we deprive ourselves of taking advantage of what we already have. Therefore I decided to change some habits in my life. To learn to appreciate what I already have at its true value and to put aside all the little things that don’t make me happier.

Learn to be happy, how?

To begin with you have to start by understanding, that sometimes, it is simply necessary to change your rhythm of life to better appreciate what you have.

Changing your point of view

Live in the present and put aside the past, the future. However, it is of course important to learn lessons from what you have experienced, so as not to repeat the same mistakes, but what better way than to live the present moment intensely? Be happy with what you have.

Turn things around and focus on what you have rather than what you don’t. Be in contact with nature to help you be positive. Appreciate the simple things and be grateful for the things that belong to you. Every little detail counts. Each day, think of 5 things that made you happy during the day. A smell, an event, a dress, the time … take the time to think. Keep a diary, for example, if necessary, daily or weekly. Take long walks to clear your mind. 

Don’t try to compare yourself to others. Each person is different. Consequently, you cannot change things in other people, or understand every moment why they behave in such a way.

Happy woman in the beach


There is always someone happier than you, stronger, richer, more beautiful … There are always reasons to be jealous of others but don’t forget that others are also jealous of you, for different reasons. So stop dwelling on this and making comparisons.

If you are not in a great shape, do like if everything was fine. Don’t go moping around all your friends to tell them how bad you feel. Talk about it with someone who understands and listens to you. Try to stay positive and make an effort to show others that you are happy. It will help you get back up the slope faster, happiness is contagious!

Another well-known point: money does not buy happiness. A little more money is always fun, but remember that money doesn’t make a big difference to happiness. The important thing is to have enough to support yourself. A raise will not change your happiness. Being happy is often a choice. Happy people have fewer problems.


Change your behavior

There’s no point in getting upset. Take it on the safe side. There is always a solution to everything. Anger doesn’t do anything positive and doesn’t help. Hence, think it over, let the time do it, move on. Simplify your life and be minimalist in what you need on a daily basis. 

Do what you are passionate about. Happy people do what they love. Generally the best is to turn your passion into a profession. Be content with what you have and stop always looking for more, better. Take the time to talk with others and see your friends.

With your partner, take the time to have a real conversation and remember to please him from time to time with pretty attentions. Make time for yourself as well. Without spending any money, just taking some of your time for yourself.

Make changes if you feel it is necessary. When you are no longer feeling happy, try to find out where the problem is coming from and find a solution by asking yourself the right questions.

Always try to adopt a healthier lifestyle to simplify your life and enjoy things properly.

Happy dog

Just be happy!

Help others. A tiny little gesture can go a long way. Help a neighbor, a member of your family, or join an association. You will be less focused on yourself. Be kind to yourself. Some don’t know it, but it is important to get to know yourself so that you can be happy on your own and then happy with others.

Understand your flaws to feel better about yourself. For instance, try new things to broaden your mind and react differently. People are often unhappy because they are tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

Freshen up your ideas. Take advantage of your failures to learn from them. Hang out with happy people! Avoid gossip. When you are happy, you don’t need to talk badly about your comrades. If it’s not to say something good, it’s best to shut up.

Exercise to be more optimistic and to feel better about yourself.  Likewise, take care of your problems, try to find a solution quickly without letting things drag on. This will relieve you, so then you can move on.

Set a goal in life.

Give meaning to your life.

Finally, remember, be happy, not perfect!

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